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You cannot see what we are doing - and yet you are in daily contact with our work results. From the fiber optic connection in your house to secure access to your vacation photos: the probability that our teams are involved in the technology that has become a matter of course in your everyday life is very high.

5G Smart City


We have been dealing with the topic of 5G for several years now. Our team of experienced engineers, software developers, virtualization experts and specialists has built up extensive expertise over many projects, including those in the run-up to 5G networks. We are now consistently using this wealth of experience to deliver 5G OpenRAN solutions with our partners for enterprise customers.

In our Insights you get an insight into a small selection of projects and topics that concern us and that we are currently implementing.

You are also welcome to contact us for a presentation in our 5G OpenRAN test laboratory.


A lot for us revolves around networks. We have been continuously expanding our range for over 10 years. Today we're talking about connectivity - from the optical carrier backbone to data center architecture, disaggregation / software-defined networks to the automation of cloud connections.

Our team consists of experienced cloud engineers, software developers, specialists in the automation of compute applications and an operations department that looks after critical networks and applications for our customers.

Our customers from the telecommunications, media, finance, mechanical engineering, media, automotive and chemical industries entrust us with their innovative strength - we are particularly proud of that.

In our insights you get an insight into a small selection of projects and topics that we are realizing.