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Airspan and siticom announce partnership to deliver 5G Stand Alone Industry 4.0 Private Networks in Germany

Initial large-scale deployment for a Research Institute in Germany's
southern region of Bavaria

London and Weiterstadt, 19th of November 2020

Airspan Networks and siticom GmbH partner to deliver 5G wireless connectivity for a wide variety of Industry 4.0 vertical use cases in Germany such as manufacturing, automotive, healthcare and the agricultural sectors. Enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB), Massive Machine Type Communications (mMTC), and Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communications (URLCC) will deliver a next-generation, future proof Industry 4.0 solution.


5G technology in the enterprise market is booming since the German Federal Regulator Bundesnetzagentur (BNetzA) awarded dedicated 5G spectrum licenses to industries that can be utilized to build locally managed, reliable, secure, and highly scalable private networks.


5G Non-Public Networks (NPN) networks will provide new levels of increased high-performance and coverage but also accurate distributed timing and synchronization for industrial applications and indoor and outdoor real-time proximity positioning and tracking.


Airspan's 5G OpenRANGE solutions bring to the NPN market a full end-to-end vRAN solution: from the radio hardware to the cloud-native software running on the Central and Distributed Units (CU / DUs). It follows O-RAN alliance guidelines for its virtual infrastructure, and it supports the latest 3GPP releases. Making Airspan a leading vendor in the O-RAN ecosystem providing a full 5G Standalone vRAN portfolio. Small and Smart form factor Radios and cloud-native software based on containers make a perfect fit for the variety of use cases from NPN thanks to the agility of scaling up / down resources and fast adoption of features like network slicing, 5G QoS or positioning .


“We are thrilled to partner with an experienced and innovative System Integrator like siticom to deliver a future-proof 5G reference network to a prestigious Research Institute in the German market” . Said Henrik Smith-Petersen, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Airspan Networks.


siticom chose the open RAN solution from Airspan because it is robust, flexible and powerful. It's a complete 5G SA RAN solution. It is virtualized, automated, has a small footprint and high performance - perfect for the network requirements on campus. With the Airspan's OpenRANGE software solution, we can respond to the specific requirements of campus networks by providing COTS edge computing hardware, Kubernetes and VMWare to meet the different approaches of campus network customers. A range of 5G radio for indoor and outdoor, focused on campus networks, complete the portfolio.


siticom has been selected to provide 5G private network supporting Airspan's O-RAN technology to a leading European research institute looking at localization use cases. The center hosts manufacturers, localization systems suppliers, systems integrators and mobile operators, providing an environment where they can test 5G technology for specific customer requirements.




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Airspan is a US-based multi-award winning 4G & 5G RAN vendor that supports fully virtualized cloud-native open architectures and boasts close to one million cells deployed in the most cutting-edge tier 1 networks and vertical applications across the globe. With an expansive product portfolio of indoor and outdoor, compact Femto, Pico, Micro, and Macro base stations. The perfect tool kit to exploit the full potential of technologies such as mmWave, Sub 6GHz, Massive MIMO, and open V-RAN architectures. As well as an industry-leading fixed wireless access and backhaul solution portfolio for PTP and PTMP applications using Wi-Fi 6. For more information, visit .


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