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Partnering with Metaswitch to provide Private 5G in Germany

How Metaswitch & siticom employed an Open Ecosystem to simplify Campus 5G Network Deployments for Enterprises in Germany

London and Weiterstadt, January 2021

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Private 5G networks enable enterprises to modernize business processes and improve how services are delivered or products are made and distributed across nearly every sector, including agriculture, automotive, education, healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, and transportation.


Germany is one of the first countries to make dedicated spectrum available for local, private use by enterprises. For the first time, enterprises in Germany can implement their own high-performing wireless networks, typically referred to as Campus Networks, that support mission-critical applications with the reliability, security, and privacy they require.


Through the power of established partnerships and their status as a leading systems integrator in Germany, Metaswitch and siticom are ideally positioned to guide businesses through the complexities of deploying 5G campus networks that meet important technical requirements and critical financial goals.


5G will have a transformative impact on enterprises across industries in Germany. For enterprises, an end-to-end solution from an open ecosystem simplifies private networks and makes 5G easy to consume. Rather than having to navigate through unknown wireless networking territory, enterprises are free to focus on their specific use cases and unique business goals.

Preview of white paper on Partnering to Provide Private 5G.


Find out more about our services, approaches, and the deliveries for our customers in our White Paper as free PDF download.




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