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Network planning for green energy

Empowering green grids with smart solutions fuels Bayernwerk's energy transition success.


The energy transition is in full swing, and many power grid providers are facing the challenge of implementing additional transmission lines to feed green energy into the power distribution grids. In this context, it is inevitable to renew, reinforce and expand the existing power grid in order to efficiently handle the increasing energy demand. In the course of this important transformation, smart infrastructures, smart grids & smart meters play a decisive role as a prerequisite for intelligent, flexible network control in the power grid levels, similar to Bayernwerk. In this context, siticom plays a decisive role as an expert in the planning and realization of routing for medium and low-voltage lines.


As a leading provider of network planning support, siticom makes its extensive expertise and commitment available, as in this case to the German power grid operator Bayernwerk, whom we helped to successfully implement the energy transition. Our wide range of services includes the procurement of up-to-date map bases, detailed planning using state-of-the-art GIS tools, plausibility checks, precise on-site surveying work, the conclusion of concession agreements, and the preparation of documents ready for submission for approval procedures and constructional realization.



  • Research and procurement of suitable map bases for planning purposes

  • Detailed planning of the new route of the medium and low voltage line with AutoCAD

  • Plausibility checks

  • Determining the route of the line on site

  • Conclusion of permission agreements with the property owners

  • Preparation of all relevant documents ready for submission

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