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Future-oriented network design: siticom and Currenta - a success story in the campus environment

Our network design for Currenta is an example of successful planning and orchestration in a complex campus environment. The focus is on the Currenta backbone project, in which an IP data network was implemented for the CHEMPARK operator across three locations. siticom acts as a system integrator and delivers a turnkey solution that provides Currenta with a high-performance ICT infrastructure for production facilities, logistics processes and offices. Since commissioning in October 2018, siticom has continuously optimized operations, expanded transmission capacity and successfully connected around 560 customer services. Operational challenges have also been overcome and the network is running smoothly with a high level of customer satisfaction. Further details on the Currenta backbone project can be found in our blog entry Campus network from A-Z at Currenta.

As a long-standing partner, siticom will continue to support the operation and further development of the project in the future. In the following interview with two colleagues from our project team, Christoph Falkenstern and Robert Wehrheim, we find out more about the progress made in recent years and the latest developments that have driven the Currenta Backbone project forward.

Hello Christoph, hello Robert could you briefly explain what role siticom has played in the last 6 years of partnership and what has changed since then?

R. Wehrheim: For six years, siticom has played a decisive role in the operation and development of Currenta's IT network. We ensure smooth 24/7 operation and fulfill agreed service level agreements (SLAs). With our own service hotline, we offer quick solutions to problems.

Since the beginning of our collaboration, Currenta has made significant progress in the area of IT network operations. Together we have developed further and established successful processes. We support the development of services and the design of new services, which has enabled the network to continue to evolve.

C. Falkenstern: In addition to supplying hardware, we manage the movement of goods efficiently and offer warehousing outside the Chemparks for greater flexibility. We are also responsible for supplier handling for network infrastructure providers, software updates and quality management.

Over the course of the partnership, we have developed into a competent partner for services and consulting. Today, we are a trusted advisor for Currenta and provide support not only in day-to-day operations, but also in strategic network planning and expansion. Our cooperation is based on trust, expertise and mutual success.

What challenges did we overcome in the course of the project and how did we help to ensure that the network runs smoothly?

C. Falkenstern: Over the course of the project, we overcame numerous challenges to ensure the smooth operation of the network. The Currenta network is monitored around the clock by siticom. In order to be able to react quickly in the event of a fault, we operate an on-call service staffed by technical specialists. This ensures that in the event of a fault, the network has been and can continue to be fault cleared immediately. In this way and through other accompanying measures, it was possible to correct problems with a specific router type without affecting Currenta services. The design of the Currenta network, which relies on redundancy wherever possible and sensible, is of course also a major advantage.

R. Wehrheim: Regular software updates and monthly reports contribute to security and transparency. When expanding the network and introducing new services, the continuous availability of the network services is taken into account, just as security concerns are the focus of every measure. We react quickly and prudently to hardware problems from hardware manufacturers and are able to significantly expand network capacity and the number of usable customer ports. Overall, we have successfully doubled the available network capacity and increased the number of customer ports by a factor of around ten. The number of customer services was increased from around 50 in 2018 to currently around 1,250.

C. Falkenstern: All of the measures listed make a significant contribution to ensuring that the network runs smoothly and meets customer needs.

siticom acts as a competent contact for Currenta and customer requests are implemented effectively and quickly. Where appropriate and necessary, we supplement Currenta's service portfolio, for example by taking over a 24/7 fault hotline for Currenta's customer service.

What new services or extensions have been added since the network went live and how does siticom plan to develop its ICT service portfolio in the future?

C. Falkenstern / R. Wehrheim: Since our network went live, we have continuously expanded and improved our range of services:

  • Together, we have greatly expanded the network, with a doubling of routers and an increased number of nodes. At the same time, we have significantly increased the transmission capacity by switching from one 100G and one 10G ring to two 100G rings. The available transport network capacity was also expanded. In addition, we are planning to upgrade DWDM routes to 400G capacity in the future.

  • Due to our support, Currenta is now also active as an Internet service provider, which will enable us to configure Internet connections automatically in future, similar to other well-known network operators.

  • In order to increase network stability, we are in the process of overcoming Currenta's dependence on a single network provider and will in future procure services from several providers. In addition, Currenta will in future offer leased lines or even capacity as a carrier to other service providers.

  • We currently support around 1,250 customer services and are in the process of expanding the number of locations from 3 to 6. In addition to the existing locations in the Chemparks Leverkusen, Dormagen and Krefeld-Uerdingen, Monheim and PoP locations (Point of Presence) in Frankfurt and Düsseldorf have been added. Further PoP locations are planned for the future.

  • The opening of PoP locations in Frankfurt and Düsseldorf marks an important step, as these are locations outside the Chemparks and thus strengthen our presence in important economic centers.

  • With our support, Currenta has also expanded its performance and service portfolio in order to reduce future acquisitions. A new generation of service routers was introduced to further increase the scope of services in the network. This enables Currenta's customers to be offered a comprehensive range of services, including support in the planning, implementation and improvement of workflows and all kinds of processes. siticom thus plays a crucial role for our customer Currenta, as we provide them with important support that is essential for its appearance and future growth.

Christoph Falkenstern; Director Managed Services siticom GmbH

Christoph Falkenstern has extensive experience in the telecommunications sector. Throughout his career, his role has been to deliver and integrate network infrastructure and ensure the best E2E functionality for customers and users - enabling organizations to build, maintain and improve various network solutions. Christoph joined siticom in 2018 when the Currenta ITK project started and has been responsible for siticom's Currenta activities ever since

Robert Wehrheim; Senior Consultant siticom GmbH

Robert Wehrheim has over 30 years of experience in the support of networks, from classic transmission technology to Ethernet/IP networks. He has worked for various network operators, both as an external employee and as a permanent employee. His tasks included network monitoring, fault processing, configuration and planning. In the meantime, he worked as a consultant for siticom, where he planned broadband expansion for Telekom and site migrations for Vodafone. Since 2018, he has been working on the Currenta project, building and commissioning the network as well as designing new services and network expansion. He also serves as a technical contact for Currenta.

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