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Campus network from A-Z at Currenta

Our Currenta project is a brilliant example of responsibility that feels fulfilling and rewarding. Every single component in a complex environment was delivered successfully according to a sophisticated planning.

What does siticom do in this project?

Part 1: Implementation - Currenta Backbone Project

As part of the Currenta Backbone project, an IP data network was set up for the CHEMPARK operator at all three sites, connected via a double fiber optic ring. The aim here is to offer the companies at the chemical park a high-performance and future-proof ICT infrastructure for their production facilities, logistics processes and offices. Within the scope of this project, all technical components for the operation and control of the data network were supplied, commissioned and integrated. Here, siticom took on the role of system integrator and handed over a "turnkey" and immediately operational solution to Currenta. This enables Currenta to offer and operate modern, high-performance ICT services for its CHEMPARK partners. The operation and monitoring of this data network is also carried out here by siticom.

Part 2: Commissioning

In October 2018, the network was put into operation and additional services for 24/7 monitoring and fault clearance of the Currenta backbone network were implemented.

To meet the steadily increasing demand of CHEMPARK partners for site connections and data bandwidths, additional ports have been continuously connected and put into operation:

  • Tripling of the number of customer ports that can be connected since the start of the project in 2018.

  • Expansion of transmission capacity between the CHEMPARKS based on the installed fiber-optic double ring.

  • Connection of approx. 560 customer services in just 2 years.

In addition, siticom also solved challenges such as addressing operational issues such as access, contact partners, responsibilities, cable management, documentation errors. Adaptations to very different procedures for final acceptance of Currenta services were also required.

The advantage: The network runs smoothly without disruptions or capacity bottlenecks, with high customer satisfaction, continuously monitored by the siticom Network Operation Center NOC. On this basis, Currenta can concentrate on expanding its ICT service portfolio, on the one hand to develop additional, individualized services for existing customers and on the other to provide standardized services for new customers at the CHEMPARK.

As a long-standing and trusted partner, we will continue to be available to Currenta for the operation and further development of the project.

Learn more about siticom's Campus Networks activities at:

As well as in our Insight Innovation Platform 5G.

About Currenta:

In addition to on-site substance and energy supply, a wide range of analytical services and modern environmental management, Currenta's range of services primarily includes extensive infrastructure services and reliable safety concepts. For example, it operates an IP/MPLS network for companies in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Currenta manages and operates CHEMPARK, one of the largest chemical sites in Europe, at its sites in Leverkusen, Dormagen and Krefeld-Uerdingen. As a modern service company, they aim to create optimum research and production conditions for their resident customers.



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