Why OpenRAN is like cooking

Updated: Feb 21

What’s on the menu? Nothing less than 5G. Imagine siticom as a chef, cooking and composing the different courses of a 5G Menu. Through our easily digestible cookbook for 5G OpenRAN you will understand the difference between this menu and a ready meal (a vendor locked legacy solution).

But why different courses and flavours? Is 5G not like any other WiFi? It might not and it should not. As an integrator, we understand the numerous use cases for 5G and we aim to understand all of them. Thus we have an intricate understanding of the 5G service layer, the necessary virtualization stack and the underlying synchronized network. This cookbook explains all of it. All in a quick, simple and metaphorical view.

It’s more than just a “OpenRAN for dummies” – you will see that open approaches like OpenRAN are part of our DNA and our perspective on business solutions.

PDF download here: reading time 8 minutes. Language English. Please share!

Download PDF • 1.71MB

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