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Together for fast Internet: siticom and Zener as strong partners in fiber optic expansion

At a time when broadband expansion in Germany is being driven forward at full speed, resources and implementation capacities are in short supply. Against this backdrop, it is clear how important strategic partnerships are for jointly advancing digital infrastructures. Such an effective cooperation has formed between siticom and the Spanish company Zener.

Concentrated expertise for accelerated progress

The partnership between siticom and Zener offers an approach to dealing with the challenges of broadband rollout. The focus is on making the most of each company's strengths to create synergies and drive rollout in record time. While Zener focuses its main attention on the practical implementation of the fiber rollout - starting with civil engineering work and ending with the installation of the infrastructure - siticom takes over the planning, coordination and digitalized project management in a proven cooperation model.

Strong together: The advantages for contractors and customers

The focus of the construction companies can thus be entirely on implementation, while siticom contributes its extensive expertise in the area of fully digitized planning and project management. This not only enables accelerated implementation, but also higher quality in the expansion. The module-based collaboration model between siticom and the civil engineering companies revolutionizes the planning processes and creates room for optimized coordination.

siticom services at a glance:

siticom's responsibilities span a range of tasks:

  • Comprehensive planning: Planning and project planning for fiber optic expansion areas are carried out in an established partnership with the civil engineering company. This covers all phases of planning.

  • Technical expertise: siticom provides advice and support on technical issues and ensures that client-specific requirements are met.

  • Digital processes: With the help of digitized collaboration processes and tools, siticom creates efficient workflows and seamless coordination.

  • Communication and coordination: Solution-oriented coordination meetings with local authorities, utility companies and other stakeholders are essential for smooth expansion.

  • Detailed planning: Route planning and the preparation of route and site securing are carried out carefully.

  • Approval procedures and documentation: The processing of all types of approval procedures and detailed documentation are part of the service package.

  • Bid management: siticom determines material requirements and ensures economical bid management.

  • Economic considerations: The partnership enables accurate economic considerations that benefit all parties involved in the long term.

Shaping the digital future together

By distributing the tasks, the strengths of both companies can be used optimally. This not only accelerates the rollout, but also ensures the quality and sustainability of the project. With over 1,500 households, more than 290 km of fiber optic cable laid and distances of over 100 km, siticom and Zener are proving that they are boldly tackling the challenges of broadband expansion and shaping the digital future together. This illustrates the commitment of both companies to nationwide and future-oriented broadband expansion.

Here you will find our entire construction kit around the topic of planning services for civil engineering.


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