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The 5g-alliance of ituma and siticom

Time to join forces! With the growing demand for advanced 5G skills and delivery capabilities, it is only natural that we intensify our partnership and coordinate closely. In the second quarter of 2023, the delivery force for 5G Nokia solutions will be ready for action.

As part of the Logicalis Group, we at siticom are thrilled to announce our partnership with ituma, a leading system integration company with a strong focus on solution-driven portfolio in API and process integration, aduno® orchestration as well as application development. Together, we have formed a 5G Alliance to combine our shared and complementary abilities in the 5G space.

siticom brings a wealth of experience and expertise in Private 5G, including architecture, site survey, use case validation, network planning, Network Slicing, Edge Computing, VNF/CNF, and validation of 5G equipment. Our consulting services are strongly network-driven, which allows us to provide comprehensive solutions that align with our clients' specific needs.

Screenshots of the ituma cloud: a vendor independent orchestration platform

Ituma on the other hand develops vendor-independent orchestration platforms for 5G campus networks. The focus of the solutions is thereby always the holistic consideration of the use case for the best possible realisation of a customer-specific management platform. The development of processes and APIs for the integration of assets and systems represents the strength of ituma's own development department. This perfectly complements siticom's abilities to build together a powerful team that can provide end-to-end 5G solutions to clients across various industries.

“By building a bridge with siticom we create the value add of modern sustainable networks and solutions that by far exceed our competitors.”

Simon Marg, CEO ituma

With the alliance in place, we're excited to provide our clients with a one-stop-shop for all their 5G needs. By working closely together, we can deliver advanced solutions that meet their specific requirements and drive business success.

We look forward to this partnership and are excited about the opportunities it will bring. Stay tuned for more updates on how the 5G Alliance between ituma and siticom can help transform your business.


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