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siticom provides support in the Stuttgart 21 rail construction project


The Stuttgart 21 project is a complete reorganization of the Stuttgart rail hub, which was concluded in 2009 as part of a financing agreement between the federal government, the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, the state capital Stuttgart, the Stuttgart Regional Association, Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH and Deutsche Bahn.

The central structure of this project is the future main station. In addition, the Stuttgart rail hub will be fully equipped with digital control and safety technology in a Germany-wide pilot project.

More than ten million passengers are expected to benefit from the expansion of the Stuttgart rail hub in conjunction with the new line to Ulm.

What is siticom doing in this project?

siticom is responsible for planning and interface coordination for rail technology (construction measures for equipping telecommunications systems) in eight planning approval sections in the subproject of the major Stuttgart 21 project.

The total volume of the project includes the control and safety technology, 50 Hz systems, as well as the cable planning for the track cables and the laying of fiber optics in empty conduits and cable troughs. Furthermore, it also includes all emergency call pillars and the BOS' slot cable, the transmission technology of the IP access network and the SDH network. In addition, it also includes the fire and hazard systems, the reporting system (DBMAS) and the BOS radio systems (digital, TETRA).

The eight planning approval sections of Stuttgart 21 are:

  • Valley crossing with main station (PFA 1.1) Future through station between Kriegsberg in the north and Kernerviertel in the south. Consisting of a new platform hall, with a concrete shell roof, and the Nordkopf and Südkopf tunnels.

  • Filder Tunnel (PFA1.2) A 9.5-kilometer tunnel connecting Stuttgart's main station and the Filder plain.

  • Airport link - new line with NBS station (PFA 1.3a) and Gaeubahn line (PFA 1.3b) Realization of the connection of Stuttgart Airport and the trade fair center, to the long-distance and regional rail network and two planning approval sections. New line with NBS station: Comprises the 5-kilometer section of the new Stuttgart-Wendlingen-Ulm line along the A8 to the Wendlingen Filder area. Gaeubahn routing: Includes the connection to the airport from and in the direction of the Gaeubahn with the Rohrer curve, the station 3rd track parallel to the Stuttgart Airport/Traide Fair Suburban train station, the tunnel Airport curve, and adaptation measures on the line between Stuttgart-Rohr and the airport. (The planning approval procedure for PFA 1.3b is currently underway).

  • Filder area to Wendlingen (PFA 1.4) A 10-kilometer section comprising the high-speed line on the Filder from the eastern edge of the airport taxiway to the crossing of the Neckar at Wendlingen.

  • Feuerbach and Bad Cannstatt access (PFA 1.5) The two tunnels at Feuerbach and Bad Cannstatt provide access to the new main station from the north. In addition, the Suburban train will have a new underground line there, shifted to the west, with the Mitternachtsstraße Suburban train station.

  • Ober- / Untertürkheim feeder line (PFA 1.6a) Connection of Stuttgart main station with the Neckar valley, using the new Obertürkheim tunnel with the branch to Untertürkheim.

  • Untertürkheim stabling yard (PFA 1.6b) The new Untertürkheim stabling yard is being built on the site of the former marshalling yard between Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt and Stuttgart-Untertürkheim.

In our Insight "Clearance of railroad construction sites" you will find our use cases and solutions for telecommunications connections in the network area of Deutsche Bahn.



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