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siticom provides NetCologne with long-term support for fiber optic expansion in the Cologne area

In recent years, siticom has already taken on planning and construction coordination tasks for NetCologne GmbH in the context of FTTH (fiber to the home) network expansion for area coverage. Last year, planning and project management were added to the successful connection of numerous schools in Cologne. This year, the focus is increasingly shifting to new contracts in the real estate sector.

How is NetCologne involved in connecting residential and commercial properties?

With more than 28,000 kilometers of laid cable and a steady expansion, NetCologne is one of Germany's pioneers in fiber-optic expansion and fast Internet. NetCologne is regionally active and has around half a million residential and business customers.

Demand for high-speed networks is rising steadily, with more and more real estate companies taking action to provide their tenants with the necessary broadband connection.

For example, 5500 buildings are to be supplied with fiber optics for one of the largest residential construction companies in Cologne.

What does siticom do in these projects?

siticom is responsible for project coordination and tasks ranging from technical site inspections to monitoring implementation by construction and installation companies. After the site inspection, siticom independently carries out the connection planning and, if necessary, the further planning for the in-house area. In addition, the documents for the invitation to tender are prepared and site supervision and quality assurance are ensured until completion of the project.

Learn more about siticom's activities in the area of infrastructure at .

We are looking forward to further exciting and successful projects together with our partner NetCologne in 2022!



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