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siticom enhances 5G Lab capabilities

Our labs are an important cornerstone of our outstanding expertise in 5G use case development, system validation and deployment automation. We are proud to announce our additional lab in Munich!

At this very moment, the final components of our 5G lab are being installed in Munich. This means that our Munich location now also has a private 5G network with a first focus on use case integration and training on a new exciting 5G solution. More about the solution soon.

The experience gained from our other 5G Labs is of course of great benefit to us. The Weiterstadt site in particular already has several 5G networks with different focal points since the beginning of the company's history. The Weiterstadt site already has several 5G networks with different focal points since the beginning of the company's history.

We differentiate between two types. One are the Development Networks, used for pre-test of new releases, component integration and continuous development of our deployment, observability, and virtualisation solutions for 5G. Production networks are customer close installations, where we validate new system releases before we deploy them at costumer sites. Also these networks allow interested parties to trial use cases, see implementation options, latest solutions and features of our vendors or to get architecture and integration support.

Interested to see a private 5G implementation? Get in touch with us!

In addition, our Automation Lab is continuously researching methods for automating latency, load and performance tests, as well as message sequencing, which is already being used in several projects and provides precise insights into the interaction of components from a wide range of manufacturers.

Impressions from the siticom Labs in Weiterstadt, Germany

The development of our 5G lab capabilities is an important part of our partner onboarding activities, e.g. with Airspan, Cisco, Dell, Druid, JMA, Nokia, QCT and Sunwave. Above all, siticom is able to serve the immense demand for use case development in the 5G environment in its managed service portfolio, probably uniquely in Europe.

Read more about our portfolio and our insights in the field of networking and 5G here.


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