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We deliver a complete 5G O-RAN compliant network including a 5G SA Core solution in a flight box. A very nice opportunity for our customer to gain experiences in how to use 5G.

Some figures about the solution:



The Flight Box has the following dimensions: 950mm x 500mm x 540mm


COMPUTE Two Dell PowerEdge server with a capacity up to 10 indoor radio units. Possible to expand up to 20 radio units.



The solution from Airspan, the Airvelocity 2700 is a very compact, feature-rich, easy-to-Install, Sub-6 GHz RU.

The Airspan OpenRANGE06 AirVelocity 2700 (RU) provides 5G-NR Sub-6 GHz indoor coverage. Meeting the demand for indoor connectivity, it is an ideal and powerful solution to deliver a superior network access experience, boosting throughput to speeds of over 2 Gbps. It supports O-RAN split 7.2x for deployment flexibility in an open interface architecture.

Some key data:

  • 4 TX 4 RX

  • bandwidth 100MHz

  • up to 4 MIMO layer up/downlink

  • weight 1.6kg

  • form factor size 22.5x22.5x4.5 cm

  • connection 10G BASE-T and SFP+



Falcon RX 5G xHaul Timing Aware O-RAN Switch & PTP Grandmaster for precise synchronization of the radio units.

The Falcon-RX is an essential element in delivering 5G. Through high capacity, low latency transport and high precision synchronization, the Falcon-RX enables 5G RAN operation at its optimal throughput.

The Falcon-RX combines the best of breed of the Transport and Timing worlds, in a single powerful package. Both elements are critical for 5G fronthaul deployments, along with support for the latest O-RAN architectures and recommendations.



FUSION Core from Metaswitch

The Metaswitch Fusion Core comprises a high performance and highly programmable 5G user plane function (UPF), core control plane functions (AMF/SMF), a portfolio of service-based architecture elements and management components for network orchestration and automation. Built using microservices methodologies, Fusion Core is deployable within private, public or hybrid compute clouds.

logo metaswitch

Raemis™ Core from Druid Software

Druid’s solution are built on its Raemis™ technology platform. Raemis™ is a set of cellular software assets crafted by Druid’s engineers and optimised for business use cases. The Raemis™ platform harnesses 5G, 4G, 3G, 2G and Wifi radios from any vendor to implement standalone cellular core network solutions.

Druid Software


Many thanks to our teams at siticom and partners for the excellent cooperation:

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