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Together for green energy! - Efficient network planning support for Bayernwerk

Transmission lines standing on field with mountain panorama in background

In the course of the transition to green energy as part of the energy turnaround, additional transmission lines will be needed for feed-in. It is necessary to partially renew, reinforce and expand the existing power grid in order to cope with the increased energy demand. In addition, existing medium and low-voltage overhead lines, which require regular maintenance, must be dismantled and replaced by underground cables.

siticom takes over various tasks within the scope of planning and realization of routing for medium and low voltage lines for Bayernwerk.

Our services include:

  • Researching and obtaining appropriate map bases for the particular planning needs. We ensure that we have access to up-to-date and accurate map materials in order to have a solid basis for further steps.

  • Detailed planning of the new route of the medium or low-voltage lines using GIS tools such as QGIS or AUTOCAD. With the help of this software, we create precise and detailed plans that meet the customer's requirements and allow for optimal implementation.

  • Carrying out plausibility checks to ensure that the planned route is feasible. To this end, we contact the relevant authorities, conduct on-site inspections and negotiate with property owners to clarify any restrictions or permits.

  • GIS-supported on-site surveying work to determine the exact course of the route. Through precise surveying, we ensure exact implementation and avoid undesirable deviations.

  • Conclusion of permission contracts with the land owners. We take care of the legal aspects and ensure that all necessary agreements and permits are in place so that the planned route can be implemented.

  • Preparation of all relevant documents suitable for submission. We prepare comprehensive documents and records required for the approval procedures and the constructional realization of the planned route. We attach great importance to careful and precise documentation.

By taking on these tasks, siticom supports Bayernwerk in the efficient and successful planning and implementation of routing for medium and low-voltage lines. Our experienced team supports our customers with expert knowledge and commitment in order to lead their projects to success.

Customer benefits for Bayernwerk:

Our services bring numerous advantages and customer benefits that have a positive impact on Bayernwerk's projects. Thanks to our broad range of professional resources, including planning experts, surveying specialists, construction supervisors and routing experts, this provides access to qualified personnel who effectively support the projects.

Furthermore, we offer a comprehensive range of services that enables us to cover all aspects of projects in-house. As a result, we shorten information paths and ensure smooth and efficient collaboration. This means that there is no longer a need to coordinate various external partners; instead, there is a central contact person who keeps an eye on the entire project.

Another advantage of our services is our supra-regional radius of action. No matter where the project site is located, we are able to offer our services nationwide. This means that we can also support projects outside the local area. In this way, we open up new possibilities and expand the scope of action for the implementation of your projects.

In summary, a wide range of benefits can be derived from our services. Access to highly qualified professional resources to assist with planning, surveying, construction supervision and routing. We ensure efficient cooperation by handling projects in their entirety with short information paths. And last but not least, we expand the radius of action by offering supraregional support. Rely on our experienced team to successfully implement your projects.

fig. 1: Lattice Mast Station fig. 2: Substation

Here you will find our entire construction kit around the topic of planning services for civil engineering.


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