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Partnership siticom & Isovalent

siticom & Isovalent partner in network transformation projects

Munich and Weiterstadt, 26th of July 2022

siticom & Isovalent partner in network transformation projects

siticom is fascinated by network transformation projects for global financial institutions that need to collect and distribute data in high performance and low latency while making sure it holds up to the highest standards of security.

Another part of the transformation is the move to cloud-native workloads that are highly distributed, containerized applications that are orchestrated with Kubernetes. Therefore, siticom partnered with Isovalent, the company behind the Cilium project that can provide networking, observability, and security in cloud-native environments.

Some of the use cases we solved:

  • SRE application flow insights

  • Capacity & performance management

  • Realtime anomaly detection

What is Cilium?

Cilium is an open-source project by Isovalent to provide networking, security, and observability to platform teams operating Kubernetes environments across clouds, clusters, and premises. At the foundation of Cilium is a new Linux kernel technology called eBPF, which enables the dynamic insertion of powerful security, visibility, and networking control logic into the Linux kernel. eBPF provides high-performance networking, multi-cluster, and multi-cloud capabilities, advanced load balancing, transparent encryption, extensive network security capabilities, transparent observability, and much more.

"Ciliums with Hubble/Tetragon brings great value to the visibility stacks in critical projects. The software is not only practical and appreciated by the whole team. We are also in constant exchange with Isovalent in terms of support and training - to a point that we even co-develop together with our customers and Isovalent to enhance visibility for SR-IOV and multicast networking."

Thomas Weishäupl, Principal Consultant Network Transformation

Workshops and Collab-Events pave partnership

The collaboration between Isovalent and siticom quickly evolved into a trustful partnership with lots of opportunities to learn from each other. An example of the collaboration was our joint workshop to introduce the siticom team to Isovalent Cilium Enterprise followed by an interactive hands-on workshop where our engineers were able to deep-dive into the broad feature set of Cilium.

"siticom's reputation and comprehensive knowledge impressed us from the beginning. They have demonstrated their competence as a business partner with a focus on solving particularly challenging use cases for their customers. We could not be happier to have siticom as part of our ecosystem as a trusted advisor for next-generation cloud-native transformation projects." -

Philipp Meier - Global Head of Partner Ecosystem

Meeting the team and discussing challenges and use cases will be possible e.g at Kubernetes Community Days as well as frequent Webinars.

What are our workshops all about?

You will learn how Isovalent Cilium Enterprise provides eBPF- based networking, observability, and security platform for Kubernetes environments across clouds, clusters, and premises.

eBPF is the new standard to program Linux kernel capabilities safely and efficiently without requiring the need to change kernel source code or load kernel modules. It has enabled a new generation of high-performance tooling covering networking, security, and observability use cases.

Building on eBPF's capabilities, Isovalent Cilium Enterprise functions as the Kubernetes data plane. It provides cloud-native insights and is independent of legacy approaches like iptables and sidecars.​​​​​​​

For whom is this suitable?

  • Technical-Platform Teams

  • Security Teams

  • DevOps Engineers

  • Plattform Engineers

  • SRE's

  • Security Team

  • anyone who is interested in

If you are interested, please contact our team!


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