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Partnership Red Hat - siticom

We are excited to announce our Advanced Partnership in the area of IT automation and management with Red Hat again!🎉

Automation is one of the key drivers for digital transformation. Modern environments shall be able to automatically scale at any time, but at the same time the security and stability of all systems need to be guaranteed around the clock.


In summary, the automation challenges can be divided into the following areas, with which we are glad to assist you:

  • Deployment Your business applications require infrastructure, regardless of whether it is bare metal or in a private, hybrid or public cloud environment. Are you still working with templates? Then you already have a great advantage. Now these templates have to be automated.

  • Configuration management Applications have different requirements, for example: settings of file systems, ports and users. We provide you a robust configuration management solution with which the infrastructure (bare metal, virtualization, cloud, container, etc.) can be defined in a simple way so that all teammembers can work with.

  • Orchestration Most likely, you have more than one application. This inevitably results in management and maintenance challenges in various data centers and infrastructures. Of course, also taking into account public, private and hybrid cloud environments. This results in the combination of different automated tasks and their configurations across system groups.

  • Deployment of applications Whether you choose a traditional approach of application development or use an ongoing integration and deployment (CI/CD), successful application development depends on robust, automated systems, from commit to build, testing over to deployment.

  • Security and Compliance We are happy to help you implement the automation of your security, compliance and risk management guidelines by installing them into your entire infrastructure as automated steps. Standardized security processes and workflows facilitate compliance aspects and audits.


Click here to visit the Red Hat partner info page about siticom:



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