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Kaleido Intelligence assessed siticom as „High Flyer“-company

As a strong recognition of siticom’s comprehensive offering in this space Kaleido Intelligence assessed siticom as High Flyer Vendor for Private Network Management

Weiterstadt, 12th October 2022

siticom participates in Kaleido’s Connectivity Vendor Hub: Private Networks report for the first time. Kaleido Intelligence, a leading telecoms industry research house, provides a detailed industry report and website directory which includes visible findings covering connectivity enablers.

Kaleido’s research was conducted over a 4 month period with the goal of enabling the industry to understand the various types of Private Network players and product related strengths. Kaleido assessed all firms in the same process, with the goal of giving an impartial and detailed industry view, with a key focus on product capabilities. The scoring process gives weighted scoring on factors such as industry presence, product capabilities and innovation roadmap. From the 38 companies, we assessed 64 product offering covering several areas.

siticom qualified as an outstanding participant in Private Network Management, rated as “High Flyer”.

„The company’s core competence in network management, also used elsewhere in their portfolio, is that of network virtualisation and orchestration, with high levels of automation and alerts available to siticom’s management platforms. These are typically specific to each project, but siticom manages its own implementations, that are typically based on Prometheus or Kubernetes architecture. These are connected to several automated systems, that allows siticom’s management solution to scale, in concert with its other features.”

states Kaleido’s report on siticom’s offering, showing the depth of the portfolio analysis.

siticom would like to thank Kaleido for the opportunity to share our portfolio for assessment and for the hard work which has gone into their detailed report. We understand these findings not as an award. Instead we recognize the survey as one of the most detailed work conducted in the industry, assessing vendors based on their product capabilities.

Find Kaleido’s Vendor Hub as well as our Company Profile and more Information about the report.

Check out siticom’s portfolio in the insights and services sections.


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