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Workshop: Platform Control at Deutsche Telekom

siticom, UNIBERG and Telekom cooked together! The joint cooking class was a fabulous get-together to promote team spirit, as well as a workshop to get to know each other's different tasks. In an informal setting, the members of the a key project for Telekom had the opportunity to meet each other in person and create a bond.

The subject of siticom's work within our joint project is the creation of concepts in the area of further development of the NGN platform of Deutsche Telekom for Services & Platforms, in particular the support in the area of platform control (PFS), the CNTDB fixed platform and the network data layer (NDL). This includes planning, conception and realisation of a new test automation solution for the platform control, support of the telecom internal squads in the acceptance of the platforms and in the operation of all CNTDB environments.

It was a pleasure to take the project to „real life“ and forget about the virtual meetings for one day, while enyojng delicious food like creme brulee.

The meeting was a complete success! The team members got to know each other outside of work, which not only broke the ice but also improved the energy between the team members. We are sure that this event will have a positive impact on the project. Because the team that eats together stays together😊

We hope to further improve our relationship with UNIBERG and Telekom and we are looking forward to the next opportunity like this in the future!


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