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Fifth ISO certification for siticom: 50001

Since 2022, siticom is now also certified for systematic energy management and thus trendsetting with five ISO certificates in the integrated management system

Weiterstadt, 26 October 2022

The Integrated Management System (IMS) of siticom is constantly kept up to date and forms the basis for our certifications according to ISO standards. As part of an audit for the four certifications, quality (QMS), information security (ISMS), environmental protection (EMS) and occupational health and safety (SGAMS), siticom also faced the requirements for systematic energy management for the first time - and is now also ISO 50001 certified.

The standard, which was first published in 2011, includes guidelines for recording energy flows in companies and for evaluating energy consumption and energy efficiency. The goal is to make a contribution to reducing primary energy consumption in Germany and thus to environmental and climate protection through certified energy management systems.

"I claim we are one of the few IT companies with an IMS consisting of five 5 ISO certificates - and a sixth pillar, data protection, according to DSGVO (European Data Protection Laws). We started early on to intensively track and constantly develop our quality and security standards - this is not only our own claim, but also increasingly a critical quality feature for our customers".

explains Dietmar Kauer, Security & Compliance Manager at siticom.


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