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Adressing industry 4.0 market

Metaswitch and siticom deliver private LTE and 5G campus solutions.


Metaswitch, a Microsoft company, has partnered with siticom, a prominent German managed service provider, to deliver private LTE and 5G campus solutions across diverse sectors, including manufacturing, education, automotive, agriculture, and healthcare. The collaboration combines Metaswitch's operational and technological 5G Core expertise with siticom's regional presence, experience, and focus on private mobile enterprise solutions. The initial deployment is already underway with a leading German research institution.

siticom, known for designing, implementing, and managing communication networks for major enterprises in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, sought a robust 5G core for easy deployment on edge platforms to support private network implementations. They selected Metaswitch's Fusion Core solution for its robustness, flexibility, and high performance, especially suited for campus network requirements. Fusion Core, a full 5G SA core solution, is cloud-native, automated, and delivers exceptional performance in a compact footprint. Leveraging Microsoft's Azure cloud and Azure Stack Edge, siticom can efficiently manage rollouts, and the solution is adaptable to various enterprise requirements, deploying on COTS edge compute hardware, Kubernetes, and VMWare.

Metaswitch's Fusion Core, designed for the Private Enterprise 5G Edge, simplifies 5G consumption and runs on public, private, or hybrid cloud architectures. Optimized for 5G edge deployments, it includes built-in ServiceIQ analytics tools for effective network management. Shubh Agarwal, SVP of 5G Solutions, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with siticom, emphasizing their regional leadership in virtualization, wireless systems integration, and managed services. As Germany leads Industry 4.0 transformations, the collaboration positions siticom and Metaswitch at the forefront of 5G private network implementations, supporting digital transformation and innovative business models in strategic European locations.

You can find more information about Metaswitch on their website.


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