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    PURCHASE CONDITIONS We are looking forward to a successful cooperation. As our partner in joint customer projects, we live the guidelines that can be viewed here together. IS.LL01 Guideline information security IMS.LL05 Emergency Management IS.AL07 Overview of ISMS regulations EMS.LL01 Guideline environmental management AMS.LL01 Guideline security and health

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    INSIGHTS SERVICES CONTACT US. WE THINK, PLAN, DEVELOP, ENGINEER AND REALIZE THE NETWORKS OF TOMORROW. TODAY. LATEST. TAMPER-PROOFED DOCUMENTS WITH DLT LOGICALIS & SITICOM PRIVATE 5G ECOSYSTEM CAMPUSNETZ PROJEKT 5G BAVARIA TESTAUTOMATION INFLUENCE PARTNERSHIP AIRSPAN ​ MULTICLOUD DEPLOYMENT DISTRIBUTED LEDGER TECHNOLOGY TAMPER-PROOF DOCUMENTS BASED ON DLTs Außerhalb der Galerie INSIGHTS. HONEYCOMB SIMULATION CHARGING INFRASTRUCTUR GLASFASERAUSBAU BRANDENBURG AUTONOMOUS DRIVING 5G FOR PRODUCTION & LOGISTICS INNOVATION PLATFORM 5G BAUFELDFREI-MACHUNG BAHN Außerhalb der Galerie VIEW ALL INSIGHTS IN THE HUB SERVICES. PRIVATE 5G NETWORKS. 5G, optical networks, IoT or connections to the cloud. From architecture to operation from a single source. Learn more VIRTUALIZATION. On-premise virtualization, edge computing, NFV and microservices. Concept, development and deployment from a single source. Learn more NETWORK TRANSFORMATION. Network design, migration, testing, and implementation. The entire lifecycle for your network. Learn more INFRASTRUCTURE MODERNIZATION. 5G, broadband expansion, electromobility, energy transition. We offer advice, planning, execution, measurement and documentation for your project. Learn more TESTING. Testing-as-a-Service, automation, frameworks and operations for your complex infrastructure. Learn more CLOUDIFICATION. Public, private and hybrid cloud concepts - from consulting to connection, migration and operation. Learn more MANAGED SERVICES. Services related to cloud, network and test infrastructure: We ensure the smooth operation of your services 365 days / 24 hours. Learn more CONTACT. Standort siticom siticom GmbH Brunnenweg 19 64331 Weiterstadt Germany FAX siticm Telefon siticom +49 89-2154044-11 Email siticom +49 89-2154044-0

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    STRONG TOGETHER THE ORCHESTRA FOR YOUR SUCCESS. The networks, infrastructure and services are facing unprecedented challenges: Technology diffusion, shortened product life cycles, pressure to innovate . The driver is digital transformation. The speed of change is enormous: That is why we line up with the most important strategic partners in order to enable the perfect solution for you. We cover trends such as Active-SDN and Multicloud, automation via ServiceNow or private 5G rollouts for large enterprise scenarios together with our partners for you. ​ In parallel to the increasing pace on the market, we orchestrate the crucial issues for you in the best hands. With us as your central contact, you get the best on the market from a single source . FAST LANE TO SMART TRANSITION. ATRINET siticom and Atrinet mean for you: Manufacturer-independent network / service discovery and automation software for the integration, detection and activation of network infrastructures from different manufacturers across conventional physical networks and next-generation networks. TO OUR PARTNER'S WEBSITE CLOUD-NATIVE, OPEN RAN INNOVATION FOR 5G. AIRSPAN Airspan's disruptive open architecture is powered by operators and private networks around the world, offering true 5G and true flexibility. The cloud-native software is one of the few standalone 5G end-to-end RAN solutions and aims to accelerate the next generation of wireless networks. Airspan is our partner for 5G campus networks . TO OUR PARTNER'S WEBSITE TIMING & SYNCHRONIZATION FOR 5G. FIBROLAN The access, aggregation and transmission products from Fibrolan support the most important SyncE, BITS and PTP protocols with excellent accuracy and stability and are therefore our building blocks for modern networks and a large number of applications. TO OUR PARTNER'S WEBSITE PRIVATE CELLULAR 5G NETWORKS. DRUID SOFTWARE Druid's "Raemis" solution has been deployed in some of the largest private network locations in the world, running business-critical and business-critical applications over networks. These environments require a well-engineered product that works around the clock, 365 days a week. Druid is our partner for 5G Campus Networks. TO OUR PARTNER'S WEBSITE RADIO PLANING FOR 5G. FMB ENGINEERING FMBE GmbH is our partner for the radio-based 5G networks of the future Together we will design the networks of the future in order to transport data even faster, even more securely and even more reliably. TO OUR PARTNER'S WEBSITE CLOUD NATIVE 5G SOLUTIONS. METASWITCH Metaswitch is a leader in the development of extremely powerful cloud-native communication software. The Metaswitch solutions can be used in both public and private cloud environments or in hybrid clouds. Metaswitch is our partner for 5G Campus Networks . Metaswitch is a Microsoft company. TO OUR PARTNER'S WEBSITE PRAGMATIC SOLUTIONS IN SOFTWARE. NETWORKED ASSETS Choosing the right software architecture when technology is changing rapidly and business needs are constantly evolving is not an easy task. Together with NetworkedAssets, we are also solving this challenge with flying colors. TO OUR PARTNER'S WEBSITE INNOVATIVE NETWORK SOLUTIONS. NOKIA Together with Nokia, we help operators manage their complexity, expand, scale, accelerate and make their networks more efficient, and ensure network and service quality. TO OUR PARTNER'S WEBSITE EXPERTS IN TELCO INFRASTRUCTURE. ORC Is not there? Doesn't exist. Over 250,000 assemblies from legacy to next-gen are always in stock, and what is not there, we procure quickly and easily worldwide. With siticom and ORC you are always optimally taken care of. TO OUR PARTNER'S WEBSITE OPEN SOURCE. OPEN CULTURE. REDHAT Open source software with security and durability for your company. Platform, OS and application from a single source from our RedHat-certified engineers. 2021 Advanced siticom GmbH BUSINESS PARTNER Solution Provider IT automation TO OUR PARTNER'S WEBSITE NETWORK FREEDOM. RTBRICK Together we are revolutionizing the access networks of the largest telco providers. Infrastructure rethought. TO OUR PARTNER'S WEBSITE INDUSTRY 4.0 FOR MANUFACTORS. STC Inside know-how on production technologies for the automotive industry, from power trains to bodywork and electromobility. For you, STC and siticom mean: an efficient combination of OT - operational technology - and IT from a single source. TO OUR PARTNER'S WEBSITE QUESTIONS - YOUR DIRECT CONTACT. JÜRGEN HATZIPANTELIS MANAGING DIRECTOR +49 171 3745454 Weiterstadt office

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    PRIVATE 5G NETWORKS INFRASTRUCTURE TO THE POINT. YOU GET IT FROM THIS. Projekt Management PERFECT CONTROL IN THE PROJECT Through the experience in our projects, we can assure you: From the start to the operational phase, we always focus on successful implementation. Agile or classic waterfall, according to ITIL or Prince, for infrastructure or software, we concentrate on your success. Partner Eco System GROWING PARTNER LANDSCAPE We have been working closely with our partners for years and rely on good cooperation there. You can trust that our solutions are state-of-the-art and suit you perfectly. One Stop Shopping ONE STOP SHOPPING Big challenges? Optical multiplexers, 5G implementation, antennas, fiber optics, new collocation rooms? Our partner ecosystem also allows a stress-free and timely implementation of large projects. Or we organize the solution on your behalf, from the tender to binding contracts and implementation. Team Work ESTABLISHED TEAMS You benefit from the excellent specialist knowledge and close cooperation of our employees. Our experts for cloud connections, IP management, optical networks, virtualization and operation understand how to combine and use their know-how in the best possible way for our customers. WHAT WE DO. Analyse 5G Digitale Tansformation INITIALIZATION & ANALYSIS We are happy to accompany you on the first steps of your technological transformation. We are happy to incorporate experience from different industries into the analysis, conception and possible piloting with you. INNOVATION PLATFORM 5G Our services for your private 5G campus network. TO INSIGHT Network Design NETWORK DESIGN We design your network of the future according to the highest technical standards. Scalability and security, remote and cloud access and 100% control in your hand, taking into account the Quality-of-Service (QoS) parameters combined with modern technologies are our key to your success. Software Defind Networking SDN SOFTWARE DEFINED NETWORK - SDN Is your network defying automation? Then we will support you here with the introduction of a software defined network. The disaggregation of control plane and data plane enables the use of commodity x86 hardware and in this way raises enormous savings potential. We call it NetOps. It gives you the basis for integrating other cloud providers and automating your services. SD-WAN SD-WAN Do you have new challenges through access to public clouds or do you want to optimize your workflows for services such as AWS or AZURE? Increased access to OFFICE 365 or other SaaS applications? Do you want to improve your costs by transferring data over 4G / 5G or MPLS? We are also happy to create the right concepts and implement them to suit your network. Network Slicing NETWORK SLICING With 5G, the topic of network slicing is increasingly coming to the fore. We would be happy to discuss, design and implement the areas of application for the various network slices eMBB, URLLC and mMTC with you. Or we can demonstrate use cases in our 5G test laboratory with different 3GPP-compliant 5G SA (Stand Alone) Core or O-RAN manufacturers. Cloud Solutions CLOUDIFICATION Your campus network contains private cloud components, or do you want to move parts to the public cloud? We advise and design together with you the best possible integration into your network. CLOUDIFICATION Find out more about what we do in the field of private, hybrid and public cloud. TO SERVICE EDGE GOMPUTING EDGE COMPUTING & VIRTUALIZATION Does your campus network have special requirements in terms of latency , availability or are you aggregating data? Modern campus architectures contain edge compute nodes, which are necessary for 5G services. Why not combine it with the requirements of other applications in your company? We would be happy to show you our solutions. VIRTUALIZATION Virtualization, EDGE COMPUTING, NFV and microservices. Design, development and implementation from a single source. TO SERVICE Collaboration COLLABORATION Cooperation today faces completely new challenges. We support you in the analysis of your work processes and environment, accompany your company and all employees in the transformation to fully digital processes, the introduction and establishment of new meeting solutions, collaboration tools and workplace approaches in the cloud, and we provide the Plan for sure that your network will cope with the new realities. We see remote work and increased work in the home office as an opportunity and accompany you on your way into the new world of work. IoT Services IOT SERVICES Would you like to address new customers, raise services and business models to a new level or just get new insights? We plan, implement and manage your end-to-end IoT applications with cloud connection and tailor-made APIs for your application scenario. Networking is a key component here. With our knowledge of connectivity, we support you in setting up highly available and secure, wired or mobile IoT networks. A first step towards Industry 4.0. DIGITIZATION CLEANING PROCESS INDUSTRY 4.0 - an IIoT application in industrial component cleaning TO INSIGHT Digital Signage DIGITAL SIGNAGE Digital signage or demonstrations of services and products in your or public spaces are effective. We advise and support you in content aggregation, management, generation and distribution. Modern Workplace MODERN WORKPLACE Modern document management, AI-supported data collection and seamless work across all devices: with us, the digital transformation becomes your company's success. Work in a more functional, complementary and modular way today and be two clicks ahead of the competition. No matter where, no matter what time. Network Cloud Operations NETWORK & CLOUD OPERATION At your request, we will be happy to operate and monitor your networks 24/7 with our trained experts and offer the fastest response times at the 1st, 2nd or 3rd level with maximum quality from the national operation center in compliance with the GDPR. MANAGED SERVICES Services around the cloud, network and test infrastructure! TO SERVICE YOUR THEME OF TOMORROW Nothing in it? A coffee together is always worthwhile: In addition to our main focus, we and our partners offer 360 ° solutions for every conceivable challenge in your infrastructure, networks or services. WE ARE AT HOME HERE. TELECOMMUNICATIONS AUTOMOTIVE ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING FINANCE ENERGY AVIATION PHARMA TRAFFIC INDUSTRY ADMINISTRATION QUESTIONS - YOUR DIRECT CONTACT CHRISTIAN FREUND EXPERT DIRECTOR 5G +49 176 15915160 Office Munich Germany

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    5G & CAMPUS NETWORKS. We have been dealing with the topic of 5G for several years now. Our team of experienced engineers, software developers, virtualization experts and specialists has built up extensive expertise over many projects, including those in the run-up to 5G networks. We are now consistently using this wealth of experience to deliver 5G OpenRAN solutions with our partners for enterprise customers. In our Insights you get an insight into a small selection of projects and topics that concern us and that we are currently implementing. You are also welcome to contact us for a presentation in our 5G OpenRAN test laboratory. STORIES AROUND 5G. 5G FOR PRODUCTION & LOGISTIC PRIVATE 5G ECOSYSTEM CAMPUSNETZ PROJEKT 5G BAVARIA INNOVATION PLATFORM 5G AUTONOMOUS DRIVING Außerhalb der Galerie OUR PARTNERS We rely on long-term partners for our solutions. We secure your projects through the experience we have gained over the past few years working on our test laboratory. PARTNERSHIP AIRSPAN FUNKNETZ-PLANUNG MIT DER FMBE PARTNERSHIP METASWITCH Außerhalb der Galerie AND EVEN MORE! In our technology blog you will find even more on current topics, expert opinions, new possibilities and solutions around 5G! LEARN MORE Feb 16 1 min Why OpenRAN is like cooking openRAN: our understanding of the 5G service layer, the necessary virtualization stack and the underlying synchronized network. 72 0 Nov 25, 2021 2 min Major telecom providers recognize siticom as Europe's leading 5G OpenRAN integrator On November 18, 2021, Europe's leading telecom providers, such as Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, Telefónica and others, published a joint... 87 0 Nov 4, 2021 2 min Private 5G Campus Network at Technologiepark Adlershof (picture: 5G Radio Unit, 5G-Lab Weiterstadt) Together with our parent company Logicalis GmbH, we are building a new private 5G campus... 102 0 Sep 20, 2021 3 min Logicalis was ranked as a Leader in the SDx category in a study conducted by ISG. Logicalis was ranked as a Leader in the SDx category in a study conducted by ISG. 29 0 Aug 30, 2021 3 min Partnership siticom & Druid siticom partners with the Irish company Druid, a world´s leader in Private 5G & 4G solutions 60 0 Jun 5, 2021 2 min Logicalis acquires advanced network infrastructure and 5G solutions specialist siticom Logicalis, internationaler Anbieter von IT-Lösungen & Managed Services, erweitert sein Portfolio für 5G, SDN und Broadband Services. 24 0

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    INSIGHTS HUB. AT HOME, WHERE DATA MOVES. You cannot see what we are doing - and yet you are in daily contact with our work results. From the fiber optic connection in your house to secure access to your vacation photos: the probability that our teams are involved in the technology that has become a matter of course in your everyday life is very high. 5G & CAMPUS NETWORKS. We have been dealing with the topic of 5G for several years now. Our team of experienced engineers, software developers, virtualization experts and specialists has built up extensive expertise over many projects, including those in the run-up to 5G networks. We are now consistently using this wealth of experience to deliver 5G OpenRAN solutions with our partners for enterprise customers. In our Insights you get an insight into a small selection of projects and topics that concern us and that we are currently implementing. You are also welcome to contact us for a presentation in our 5G OpenRAN test laboratory. 5G FOR PRODUCTION & LOGISTIC PRIVATE 5G ECOSYSTEM PARTNERSHIP AIRSPAN FUNKNETZ-PLANUNG MIT DER FMBE CAMPUSNETZ PROJEKT 5G BAVARIA PARTNERSHIP METASWITCH INNOVATION PLATFORM 5G AUTONOMOUS DRIVING Außerhalb der Galerie CONNECTIVITY & CLOUD. A lot for us revolves around networks. We have been continuously expanding our range for over 10 years. Today we're talking about connectivity - from the optical carrier backbone to data center architecture, disaggregation / software-defined networks to the automation of cloud connections. Our team consists of experienced cloud engineers, software developers, specialists in the automation of compute applications and an operations department that looks after critical networks and applications for our customers. Our customers from the telecommunications, media, finance, mechanical engineering, media, automotive and chemical industries entrust us with their innovative strength - we are particularly proud of that. In our insights you get an insight into a small selection of projects and topics that we are realizing. TEST AUTOMATION INFLUENCE HONEYCOMB SIMULATION AUTONOMOUS DRIVING MULTICLOUD DEPLOYMENT TESTING AS A SERVICE DIGITALISIERUNG REINIGUNGS PROZESS INSIGHT DLTs Außerhalb der Galerie SMART INFRASTRUCTURE. Here you will find a selection of our current projects that we are implementing in the field of public infrastructure. We are proud of the topics that we implement in electromobility, broadband expansion, the energy industry and public transport. Our customer landscape ranges from start-ups to established, globally active companies. BID MANAGEMENT INFRASTRUCTURE GLASFASERAUSBAU BRANDENBURG AUTONOMOUS DRIVING LADESÄULEN INFRASTRUKTUR BAUFELDFREIMACHUNG BAHN Außerhalb der Galerie AND MUCH MORE .. A lot more information can be found on our blog. Just take a look, there is also a good way to search for and sort by tags. 1 day ago 1 min What is the 5G OpenRAN Demonstrator Kit? Feel free to watch this video to learn more about our 5G OpenRAN Demonstartor Kit and what services siticom provides in the process. If... 11 0 Feb 16 1 min Why OpenRAN is like cooking openRAN: our understanding of the 5G service layer, the necessary virtualization stack and the underlying synchronized network. 72 0 Jan 28 1 min siticom plans 42 kilometers of fiber optic cable in the Ahr Valley During the flood of the century in July 2021 in Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia, not only were hundreds of people killed,... 22 0 Dec 17, 2021 2 min innersource @ siticom “Bring people together and stuff happens – sometimes unexpectedly. This is the essence of siticom innersource and the reason why it... 41 0 Nov 25, 2021 2 min Major telecom providers recognize siticom as Europe's leading 5G OpenRAN integrator On November 18, 2021, Europe's leading telecom providers, such as Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, Telefónica and others, published a joint... 87 0 1/5

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    TECHNOLOGY STACK Our solutions and customers have a wide variety of tool landscapes and are continuously developing. It is important to us that you feel comfortable in the following environments and that you are ready to face new challenges. Cisco NSO ++ NETCONF / YANG + Cisco DNA - Nagios + Jenkins + Docker - GitLab CI + REST API + Python + NGINX + GO - SaltStack - Ansible + Data Lake + Cisco CCNA, CCNP, CCIE + Chef - Puppet + ++ = mandatory + = great to have - = nice to know PROCEDURE, METHODS & CONCEPTS Agile Mindset ++ DevOps - You build it, you run it. + Continuous integration + Continuous Delivery + Design Thinking - Microservices + Infrastructure as Code + ++ = mandatory + = great to have - = nice to know Network Engineer - NetOps m / f / d TASKS - WHAT'S IT ABOUT? We want to expand our team of specialists with experience in network automation. We want to expand our competencies in the Cisco NSO environment, as a link between network automation, orchestration and the underlying physical and virtual infrastructure. We also like to call this area NetOps. Why NetOps? We have been using DevOps practices for our solutions in the network infrastructure area for years. In other words, we also implement the core values ​​from agile development such as the corresponding tool chains and aspects such as automation, programmability, orchestration, virtualization and APIs in our IaC projects. The aim is to accompany the customer's solutions from consulting and architecture to implementation, not the “Big Bang”, but rather with a focus on the business value (MVP) that the solutions can offer. And yes, we also support our customers in their journey from automated deployment to continuous delivery to infrastructure as code and on to self-driving networks with the help of AI. Not a Cisco NSO or Cisco DNA fan? No problem, we are also happy to hear from interested parties who think the NetOps topic is cool. REQUIREMENT - WHAT IS IMPORTANT TO US? An agile mindset and enjoyment of challenges are the basis for close cooperation with our project teams from the areas of network transformation (infrastructure as a code), cloudification and virtualization You have many years of experience as an engineer in agile projects and you have already dealt with network automation solutions Routing, switching, firewalls, VLAN and load balancers are not foreign words, they are part of your DNA We work in a flat hierarchy; Communication, goal orientation, initiative and personal responsibility are yours Your German and English skills are very good; our customers and teams are international APPLY NOW! PROFILE ON THE POSITION. We are looking for support in our teams: nationwide at all locations with home office option. You can work full-time as well as part-time . Are we really a good match? Find out for yourself and read more about our culture. Do you have a lot to offer us? So do you! Find out more about the benefits that you enjoy as a siticomler. YOU ARE ON THE ROAD HERE. >> INTENT API PROJECTS. >> TEST AUTOMATION >> 5G CAMPUS NETWORK TECHNOLOGIES. >> VIRTUALIZATION >> CLOUDIFICATION >> NETWORK TRANSFORM. PROVE INITIATIVE. Your perfect job has yet to be invented? Let's find out: Just send us your speculative application, because maybe we are already planning your dream job. Get in touch today Siticom GmbH | holds all rights We enable with love since 2010 Imprint | privacy

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    CLEARANCE OF THE RAILWAY SITE Planning of cable routes (telecommunications connections) in the network area of Deutsche Bahn THE CHALLENGE. As part of the renewal of infrastructures in the area of track systems, bridges, signal boxes and connections to the energy supply, a future-proof fiber optic connection is planned by Deutsche Bahn. This also requires structural measures in the public area to ensure broadband coverage. To strengthen the railways as an environmentally friendly means of transport, additional funds were made available at the beginning of 2020, which will benefit the infrastructure measures of Deutsche Bahn. In addition to digitization, numerous projects to maintain and achieve a more robust rail network must be supported. BACKGROUND. Source: OUR SOLUTION. To this end, siticom takes on the following challenges, among others: Basic assessment and preliminary planning Draft planning (GIS / AutoCad) and approval planning Approval management with various authorities Implementation planning of the project Graphic and arithmetical representation of the objects Preparation and participation in the award INSIGHT AS PDF Find out more about the project, our solutions and the benefits for our customers in our Insight as a free PDF download. VIEW NOW CONTACT AND INQUIRIES. BRUNO HEESEN INFRASTRUCTURE SERVICES +49 151 17488085 Office Cologne

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    Scroll. Click. Career. Almost there! Send us some more information so that we can go along with you To contact you. Gladly also directly to I am applying for the location ... arrow&v Your application: Upload file .doc, .docx, .pdf (20MB) I consent to the processing of the data as part of the application our privacy policy APPLY NOW Thank you for your application: You will hear from us as soon as possible!