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  • siticom Hacktoberfest 2023

    Welcome to siticom Hacktoberfest 2023! This year we will participate in a series of presentations and discussions about your experiences with open source projects. Your host will be Marius Gerling ( When? 25th October 2023, 5 p.m. - Open End Where? siticom Office Weiterstadt Brunnenweg 19 64331 Weiterstadt 3rd Floor Furthermore, it is also possible to participate in the event remotely, via Microsoft Teams, but only for the presentations. The hackathon and networking will take place on site. All open source enthusiasts are welcome to attend! If you want to participate in this event, please click on the following button to register: Agenda: from 5 p.m.: Get-Together from 6 p.m.: Presentations and sessions from the topics of networking, cloud and NetDevOps. Further information will follow shortly. Pizza and drinks will be provided for you. :) About the Hacktoberfest: Hacktoberfest, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, is a month-long open source software event. This October, DigitalOcean, ILLA and appwrite invite you to join open source software enthusiasts, beginners and the developer community in contributing to open source projects. Click here for the current Hacktoberfest event calendar.

  • Together for fast Internet: siticom and Zener as strong partners in fiber optic expansion

    At a time when broadband expansion in Germany is being driven forward at full speed, resources and implementation capacities are in short supply. Against this backdrop, it is clear how important strategic partnerships are for jointly advancing digital infrastructures. Such an effective cooperation has formed between siticom and the Spanish company Zener. Concentrated expertise for accelerated progress The partnership between siticom and Zener offers an approach to dealing with the challenges of broadband rollout. The focus is on making the most of each company's strengths to create synergies and drive rollout in record time. While Zener focuses its main attention on the practical implementation of the fiber rollout - starting with civil engineering work and ending with the installation of the infrastructure - siticom takes over the planning, coordination and digitalized project management in a proven cooperation model. Strong together: The advantages for contractors and customers The focus of the construction companies can thus be entirely on implementation, while siticom contributes its extensive expertise in the area of fully digitized planning and project management. This not only enables accelerated implementation, but also higher quality in the expansion. The module-based collaboration model between siticom and the civil engineering companies revolutionizes the planning processes and creates room for optimized coordination. siticom services at a glance: siticom's responsibilities span a range of tasks: Comprehensive planning: Planning and project planning for fiber optic expansion areas are carried out in an established partnership with the civil engineering company. This covers all phases of planning. Technical expertise: siticom provides advice and support on technical issues and ensures that client-specific requirements are met. Digital processes: With the help of digitized collaboration processes and tools, siticom creates efficient workflows and seamless coordination. Communication and coordination: Solution-oriented coordination meetings with local authorities, utility companies and other stakeholders are essential for smooth expansion. Detailed planning: Route planning and the preparation of route and site securing are carried out carefully. Approval procedures and documentation: The processing of all types of approval procedures and detailed documentation are part of the service package. Bid management: siticom determines material requirements and ensures economical bid management. Economic considerations: The partnership enables accurate economic considerations that benefit all parties involved in the long term. Shaping the digital future together By distributing the tasks, the strengths of both companies can be used optimally. This not only accelerates the rollout, but also ensures the quality and sustainability of the project. With over 1,500 households, more than 290 km of fiber optic cable laid and distances of over 100 km, siticom and Zener are proving that they are boldly tackling the challenges of broadband expansion and shaping the digital future together. This illustrates the commitment of both companies to nationwide and future-oriented broadband expansion. Here you will find our entire construction kit around the topic of planning services for civil engineering.

  • Redefining Wireless: The Dynamic Link Between 5G and eSIM.

    An interview with Kathrin Asmuth (achelos) and Patrick Kleiner (siticom): eSIM technology, short for embedded Subscriber Identity Module, offers significant advantages over traditional physical SIM cards, making it a preferred choice for various customers, particularly in the context of 5G networks and IoT devices. Why eSIM and which customers does this concern? P. KLEINER: The primary reason for adopting eSIM is the elimination of the cumbersome process of physically changing SIM cards, which has been error-prone and inconvenient in the past. Instead, eSIMs can be provisioned and managed remotely through software and contactless services, simplifying the entire setup and activation process. The key benefits of enhanced roaming capabilities without physical SIM changes and the advanced data security are of particular interest for the logistics industry: it enables the seamless management of devices on a large scale, making it particularly advantageous for IoT devices with diverse applications or "lives." For instance, in a logistics scenario where IoT devices are employed across different facilities or geographic locations, each requiring specific security settings, eSIM technology allows for the remote provisioning and management of distinct profiles for these devices. This means that as devices move between different areas or security zones, their eSIM profiles can be automatically updated or switched, ensuring that they adhere to the appropriate security protocols for each specific location. This seamless and dynamic switching of security areas enhances operational efficiency, reduces the risk of security breaches, and enables logistics companies to maintain a high level of control and oversight over their IoT deployments, even on a global scale. K. ASMUTH: eSIM allows to seal the communication module, which significantly reduces the number of threats, from environmental or operational conditions as well as from malicious attack. This is especially true for connected industrial IoT devices that are increasingly deployed in dedicated, private 5G networks due to 5G’s advanced capabilities, particularly concerning reliability, throughput, latency and security. eSIM profiles, that contain the device identity and related network access credentials, allow the IoT device to benefit from the strong authentication mechanisms defined in the 5G standards, such as mutual authentication between the device and the network, ensuring that only authorized devices can connect to the network. A major benefit of eSIM technology is the capability for remote provisioning and management of the eSIM profiles, which makes it easier to activate, configure, and manage devices without physically accessing them. What are the challenges with eSIM & 5G and how do achelos and siticom address them? P. KLEINER: A significant challenge apart from industry standards and vendor dependency is, that implementing eSIM technology within the 5G ecosystem requires a comprehensive solution that goes beyond technical aspects. It also involves addressing potential security and resilience concerns. Creating a robust infrastructure that can handle eSIM provisioning, management, and security is essential to ensure uninterrupted connectivity and protect against cyber threats. Resilience is of utmost importance, especially as networks become increasingly critical to various sectors and industries. K. ASMUTH: This requires a Remote eSIM Provisioning (RSP) system, called SM-DP+ (Subscription Manager Data Preparation), complying with the technical and security requirements specified by the technology’s governing body, the GSM Association (GSMA). achelos is an innovative RSP technology enabler offering a complete suite of solutions covering all the components specified by the GSMA. The achelos software is cloud-native and enables any deployment scenario, no matter if public, private or hybrid cloud environment. In particular, the achelos’ SM-DP+ can be deployed, integrated, and operated as an integral part of the private 5G core network stack, either on-prem or in the cloud, offering RSP as a function of the private 5G network core. P. KLEINER: In addition to this, a crucial aspect lies in the knowledge and understanding of the various cores and radios involved in the technology. This knowledge is vital for optimizing the performance and compatibility of eSIM-enabled devices with 5G networks. One key contribution comes from our radio experts. Moreover, as system integrator we play a crucial role in addressing challenges related to use cases, customer requirements, and industry-specific knowledge. We can offer valuable insights into how eSIM and 5G can be effectively utilized across different sectors, providing customized solutions and consulting services to maximize the benefits for specific customer needs. Being early adopters of 5G we anticipate challenges, devise innovative solutions, and navigate potential pitfalls. How do siticom and achelos work together in this area and where should the journey go? P. KLEINER: To effectively collaborate on the integration of eSIM technology with 5G networks and chart a successful path forward, we need to focus on two critical aspects: leveraging the strong connection between 5G service architecture and the eSIM ecosystem and prioritizing security through service separation on devices. By pooling our resources, expertise, and customer insights, we can chart a successful journey forward, unlocking the full potential of eSIM and 5G technologies and delivering transformative experiences for businesses and consumers alike. Continuous research and exploration of innovative use cases will solidify our position as pioneers in this domain. Kathrin Asmuth; Managing Partner achelos GmbH In May 2008, Kathrin Asmuth founded achelos GmbH, a manufacturer-independent digital security company based in the German city of Paderborn. Together with her team, Kathrin Asmuth offers highly specialised solutions and services that help ensure cross-sector security of digital identities and embedded technologies in security-critical fields of application. Patrick Kleiner; Expert Director siticom GmbH Patrick Kleiner has vast experience in the telecommunications domain and P5G. He's particularly versed in Next Generation Network architectures, including Software Defined Networking (SDN) and the evolution towards the Internet of Things (IoT). A holder of 15 international patents and an active member of esteemed groups like IMTC and IETF, Patrick's work at siticom keeps him at the cutting edge of 5G and eSIM developments.

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  • 5G, Cloud, SDN & Broadband | SITICOM

    PRIVATE 5G NETWORKS 5G: USECASE-DRIVEN. Private 5G networks enable enterprises to modernize business processes and improve how services are delivered or products are made and distributed across nearly every sector, including agriculture, automotive, education, healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, and transportation. VIEW SERVICES WE THINK, PLAN, DEVELOP, ENGINEER AND REALISE THE NETWORKS OF TOMORROW. TODAY. siticom is a technology innovation company founded in 2010 with a focus on the digital transformation of infrastructure and networks of tomorrow. siticom's portfolio is geared towards the complex technological challenges of the future. ​ The solutions and services range from technical and strategic advice to engineering services for planning and realizing network infrastructures in communication networks and corporate networks. Thanks to a highly innovative, flexible grid of system partners, siticom is able to implement high-quality solutions at short notice. ​ The combination of consulting, design and architecture bundled with the assumption of system and imple-mentation responsibility as well as test-automation distinguishes siticom as an independent system integrator. ​ Stefan Höltken & Jürgen Hatzipantelis Managing Directors WE'VE GOT YOU COVERED. OUR CORE- SERVICES. 5G NETWORKS 5G, optical networks, IoT or connections to the cloud. From architecture to operation from a single source. VIEW SERVICES CLOUDIFICATION Public, private and hybrid cloud solutions. From consulting to connection, migration and operation. VIEW SERVICES CAMPUS NETWORKS Network design, migration, testing, and implementation. The entire lifecycle for your network. VIEW SERVICES NETWORK OPERATION & MONITORING Services related to cloud, network and test infrastructure: We ensure the smooth operation of your services 24/7/365. VIEW SERVICES TEST AUTOMATION & FRAMEWORKS Testing-as-a-Service, automation, frameworks, and operation for your complex infrastructure. VIEW SERVICES SMART INFRASTRUCTURE Broadband, energy and transportation. We offer advice, plan, execute, measure and document your projects. VIEW SERVICES JOIN OUR TEAM SHINE BRIGHT WITH US Whatever your background or expertise in IT, if you want to challenge conventional thinking and build solutions that matter, we should speak. ​ At siticom we’re proud to became a leader in innovative network-solutions - working with us means confronting challenges with innovation, dedication, and passion. ​ But we’re determined to keep our strong company vibe – friendly, personal, warm and welcoming. You’ll never be just an employee. Join us! OPEN POSITIONS INSIGHTS SELECTED PROJECTS FROM OUR PORTFOLIO HOW TEST AUTOMATION CAN INFLUENCE YOUR ORGANISATION TEST AUTOMATION & FRAMEWORKS LEARN MORE VIEW ALL INSIGHTS IN THE HUB TECH, TECH, TECH STUFF WE LOVE. EXCEEDING CLIENTS’ AND COLLEAGUES’ EXPECTATIONS MEANS CONSTANTLY CHALLENGING YOURSELF AND THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU. ​ That is the value that drives the pace of our self-development. And the technologies we use are no different. We want you to have full power over your career and are happy if you master technologies we utilise. Or learn new tech with our team. Or bring your own. LEARN MORE

  • INSIGHTS | siticom

    INSIGHTS HUB. AT HOME, WHERE DATA MOVES. You cannot see what we are doing - and yet you are in daily contact with our work results. From the fiber optic connection in your house to secure access to your vacation photos: the probability that our teams are involved in the technology that has become a matter of course in your everyday life is very high. 5G & CAMPUS NETWORKS. We have been dealing with the topic of 5G for several years now. Our team of experienced engineers, software developers, virtualization experts and specialists has built up extensive expertise over many projects, including those in the run-up to 5G networks. We are now consistently using this wealth of experience to deliver 5G OpenRAN solutions with our partners for enterprise customers. In our Insights you get an insight into a small selection of projects and topics that concern us and that we are currently implementing. You are also welcome to contact us for a presentation in our 5G OpenRAN test laboratory. 5G FOR PRODUCTION & LOGISTIC PRIVATE 5G ECOSYSTEM PARTNERSHIP AIRSPAN FUNKNETZ-PLANUNG MIT DER FMBE CAMPUSNETZ PROJEKT 5G BAVARIA PARTNERSHIP METASWITCH INNOVATION PLATFORM 5G AUTONOMOUS DRIVING CONNECTIVITY & CLOUD. A lot for us revolves around networks. We have been continuously expanding our range for over 10 years. Today we're talking about connectivity - from the optical carrier backbone to data center architecture, disaggregation / software-defined networks to the automation of cloud connections. Our team consists of experienced cloud engineers, software developers, specialists in the automation of compute applications and an operations department that looks after critical networks and applications for our customers. Our customers from the telecommunications, media, finance, mechanical engineering, media, automotive and chemical industries entrust us with their innovative strength - we are particularly proud of that. In our insights you get an insight into a small selection of projects and topics that we are realizing. TEST AUTOMATION INFLUENCE NETWORK SIMULATION AUTONOMOUS DRIVING MULTICLOUD DEPLOYMENT TESTING AS A SERVICE DIGITALISIERUNG REINIGUNGS PROZESS INSIGHT DLTs SMART INFRASTRUCTURE. Here you will find a selection of our current projects that we are implementing in the field of public infrastructure. We are proud of the topics that we implement in electromobility, broadband expansion, the energy industry and public transport. Our customer landscape ranges from start-ups to established, globally active companies. BID MANAGEMENT INFRASTRUCTURE GLASFASERAUSBAU BRANDENBURG AUTONOMOUS DRIVING LADESÄULEN INFRASTRUKTUR BAUFELDFREIMACHUNG BAHN GEMEINSAM FÜR GRÜNE ENERGIE AND MUCH MORE .. A lot more information can be found on our blog. Just take a look, there is also a good way to search for and sort by tags. 2 hours ago 1 min siticom Hacktoberfest 2023 Sep 12 2 min Partner Together for fast Internet: siticom and Zener as strong partners in fiber optic expansion Aug 10 4 min 5G Redefining Wireless: The Dynamic Link Between 5G and eSIM. Jun 26 3 min Infra Together for green energy! - Efficient network planning support for Bayernwerk Jun 14 3 min Digital twin of networks: Simulation-based planning by siticom at EWE Tel 1 2 3 4 5

  • Partner | siticom

    STRONG TOGETHER THE BEST FROM ONE SOURCE STRONG TOGETHER We work in our integrated model, in which we take over control, planning, documentation and construction support services and surveying services for our partner companies. Become a partner now THE ENSEMBLE FOR YOUR SUCCESS. The networks, infrastructure and services are facing unprecedented challenges: Technology diffusion, shortened product life cycles, pressure to innovate. The driver is digital transformation. The speed of change is enormous: That is why we line up with the most important strategic partners in order to enable the perfect solution for you. We cover trends such as Active-SDN and Multicloud, automation via ServiceNow or private 5G rollouts for large enterprise scenarios together with our partners for you. ​ In parallel to the increasing pace on the market, we orchestrate the crucial issues for you in the best hands. With us as your central contact, you get the best on the market from a single source. GET TO KNOW OUR PARTNERS 5G NET OTHER 5G IS AN INNOVATION PLATFORM OUR PARTNERS IN 5G 5G Partner eSIM, Security Within our network of excellence, Achelos stands out with its specialization in 5G, eSIM, and security frameworks. Harnessing their industry-leading capabilities, we present our clients with unparalleled 5G experiences, innovative eSIM solutions, and fortified security protocols. siticom & achelos Radio Access Through our partnership with Sunwave, a leading provider of communication solutions, we are driving network innovation and enhancing our 5G capabilities. Sunwave homepage Radio Access, OpenRAN Our partnership with Airspan, a trailblazer in 5G and open-architecture solutions, helps us deliver top-tier 5G Campus Networks and flexible network solutions. siticom & Airspan 5G Core Druid Software, our partner for 5G Campus Networks, has deployed their Raemis" solution on some of the largest private network sites in the world. Their mature products support mission-critical and business-critical applications over networks." siticom & Druid Software Observability, Network Management An essential entity within Logicalis group, ituma is at the forefront of 5G technology and network management. Their expertise enables us to deliver cutting-edge 5G solutions and ensure reliable network operations for our clients. siticom & ituma ​ Our alliance with JMA enables us to leverage their advanced wireless solutions and in-depth 5G expertise, reinforcing our commitment to provide cutting-edge network technology. JMA homepage ​ Together with FMB Engineering, an experienced system integrator for telecommunications, we design futuristic 5G campus networks, aiding companies and municipalities in their digital transformation journey. siticom & FMB Enigneering 5G CPE Fibrolan's access, aggregation, and transmission products support essential SyncE, BITS, and PTP protocols with excellent accuracy and stability. FibroLAN homepage ​ Partnering with QCT allows us to harness cutting-edge cloud technology and advanced data center solutions to meet the evolving needs of our clients. siticom & QCT Cybersecurity, Networking Cisco's industry-leading 5G solutions are integral to our technology offerings. Our partnership enhances our capabilities and helps us deliver secure, high-performance 5G solutions to our clients. siticom & Cisco Cloud Native As our partner for 5G Campus Networks, Metaswitch, a Microsoft company, leads the development of potent cloud-native communication software. Their solutions can be deployed in public, private, and hybrid cloud environments. siticom & Metaswitch MPLS IP Data Networks Nokia, a global leader in telecommunications, empowers our services with their advanced 5G and network technologies, facilitating superior communication solutions. siticom & Nokia INFRASTRUCTURE TO THE POINT PARTNERS IN NETWORK TRANSFORMATION NET Partner Virtual Networks, Observability Our partnership with Isovalent, creators of the Cilium software, strengthens our capabilities in observability and security networking, enabling advanced network connectivity and security solutions. siticom & Isovalent Production Technologies With SturmConsultants, we offer inside know-how on production technologies for the automotive industry. Our combined expertise in Operational Technology and IT allows us to provide comprehensive solutions from a single source. siticom & SturmConsultants Service Automation Our collaboration with Atrinet ensures vendor-independent network and service discovery, along with automation software. This helps us integrate, discover, and activate multi-vendor network infrastructures across traditional and next-generation networks. Atrinet homepage Software Architecture, software dev Together with Networked Assets, we tackle the challenge of selecting the right software architecture amid rapid technology changes and evolving business requirements. NetworkedAssets homepage Access Networks Together with RtBrick, we are revolutionizing the access networks of major telco providers. This partnership allows us to rethink infrastructure with disaggregated routing software. siticom & RtBrick SHAPING THE FUTURE TOGETHER FURTHER COOPERATIONS OTHER Infra, Tiefbau, RF Solutions Recognized for their expertise in RF Solutions and telecommunications infrastructure, Zener strengthens our service portfolio, enabling us to deliver robust and resilient network communications. Zener homepage Server, Cloud Computing, Data Storage In collaboration with Dell, a global leader in digital transformation and enterprise solutions, we are furthering our technological capabilities and offering robust solutions to our clients. siticom & Dell Open Source, Security Our partnership with Red Hat, the world's open source leader, allows us to provide open source software solutions with enhanced security and durability for businesses, courtesy of our Red Hat certified engineers. siticom & Red Hat BLOG REFERENCE PROJECTS AND PARTNERSHIPS PARTNER STORIES Sep 12 2 min Partner Together for fast Internet: siticom and Zener as strong partners in fiber optic expansion Apr 4 2 min News The 5g-alliance of ituma and siticom Sep 2, 2022 2 min Partner Partnership siticom & Isovalent Jun 14, 2022 2 min 5G Irish Trade Mission: Partnership between Druid and siticom as an outstanding example Nov 25, 2021 2 min 5G Major telecom providers recognize siticom as Europe's leading 5G OpenRAN integrator Sep 7, 2021 1 min News FMBE and siticom deliver open 5G stand-alone campus network 1 2 3 IT'S TIME, WE FINALLY GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER. BECOME A PART OF OUR ORCHESTRA. ​ You want to work with us and are looking for a strong partner? Get to know us without any obligatio n in a 30 minute session and feel free to tell us about it! OLIVER PREIßLER DIRECTOR SALES & MARKETING +49 171 3323699 Termin vereinbaren Kontakt

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