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  • Navigating the Cloud-Native Path: Risks and Remedies for Your Next Big Transformation

    Attention all CTOs, Operations Leaders, Cloud- and DevOps Teams, as well as FinOps and Compliance Officers! As your organization ventures into the wild world of cloud-native architecture, the complexity monster lurks in the shadows, ready to pounce. Selecting the perfect blend of microservices, containers, and orchestration tools isn't just crucial—it's a survival skill. But don't fret! Here are some tongue-in-cheek yet seriously helpful pointers to keep the beast at bay.   1. Planning and Design: Complexity in Management Designing a cloud-native architecture is like assembling an intricate puzzle with pieces that occasionally change shape. As you piece together your masterpiece with microservices, containers, and other architectural elements, the complexity increases exponentially. Here, impact mapping and requirement engineering become your best friends, helping you foresee challenges and align your objectives with real business outcomes. Pro-Tip: Engage with experts to design a scalable and manageable architecture. Trust us; you don't want to be the lone ranger in this scenario. siticom's experts can be your trusted guides through this labyrinth, simplifying management and governance. With robust impact mapping and precise requirement engineering, we ensure your architecture is not just scalable but also aligned with your strategic goals. 2. Implementation and Deployment: Security Vulnerabilities Deploying your shiny new cloud-native environment means integrating multiple platforms and services. Unfortunately, this also means expanding your attack surface, making it a prime target for cyber ninjas. Threats lurk everywhere, and security must be as tight as Fort Knox. Pro-Tip: Partner with a Trusted Advisor for Robust Security  Implementing robust observability and continuous vulnerability assessments is critical—security isn't a one-and-done deal. Keeping defenses strong and adaptable requires expertise and vigilance. That's where siticom steps in, not just as a service provider but as your trusted advisor, a partner committed to your success. We bring the tools and know-how to lock down your environment and raise alerts at the first sign of trouble, ensuring the adoption of a zero-trust architecture and integrating security seamlessly into your CI/CD pipeline to significantly enhance your security posture. 3. Operation and Scaling: Compliance and Regulatory Challenges As your operations expand globally, compliance becomes the game of Whac-A-Mole. Regulations are constantly shifting, and staying compliant feels like a never-ending chase. Data spreads across borders, and each region brings its own set of compliance symbols and challenges. Pro-Tip: Regular compliance audits but even moreso adaptive policies  are essential to stay compliant in a dynamic environment. Adapt or perish. siticom's compliance solutions are designed to keep you ahead of the curve, ensuring your data is always in check with the latest regulations. Automated compliance checks can help maintain continuous adherence to regulatory requirements. 4. Optimization and Cost Management: Fluctuating Costs and Budgets Scaling operations in the cloud can quickly turn into a financial nightmare if you're not vigilant. That adorable Gremlin you adopted can suddenly multiply into a horde, devouring your budget. Cost graphs fluctuate wildly, reflecting the unpredictable nature of cloud expenses. Pro-Tip: Utilize cost management tools and practices to monitor and control spending actively. Keep those Gremlins in check with siticom's FinOps expertise. We help you smooth out those fluctuations and keep your budget on a steady path. Using predictive cost analytics and real-time monitoring tools can provide clearer insights and help manage budgets more effectively. So, what's the takeaway? Complexity of Cloud Management: seek help navigating the treacherous waters of hybrid/multicloud environments, focusing on governance, resource management, and operational efficiency. Cloud-Native Technologies: seek help implementing and managing cloud transformation technologies. Think Kubernetes, Prometheus, Terraform, eBPF, Cloud-Native CI/CD Tools, Serverless Frameworks, Cloud Cost Management Tools, Security and Compliance Tools, Observability and Monitoring… the list os long! Platform Engineering: Tailored solutions enhance the developer experience by abstracting cloud complexities, all while boosting security and compliance by design. At siticom, we don't just plan and build your network of tomorrow; we enable you to face these challenges head-on with confidence and agility. Through meticulous impact mapping and requirement engineering, we align your IT strategy with your business goals, ensuring every step you take in your cloud-native journey is deliberate and effective. In conclusion, the journey to cloud-native nirvana is fraught with challenges, but with the right strategies and a dash of humor, you can tame the beast. Ready to conquer the cloud? Do you have any questions or suggestions? Contact us! Want to find out more about our cloud services? Take a look at our website!

  • Welcome to the jungle: DevOps Ranger wanted!

    It’s time to embark on an epic adventure. A journey into the untamed digital wilderness. At siticom, we are seeking a valiant DevOps Ranger to pioneer the networks of tomorrow with us. Are you up for the challenge? Whether you are currently trekking through the deepest network jungle or navigating through intricate server labyrinths – if you’re reading this, you’re probably intrigued about what a career as a DevOps Engineer at siticom might entail. Or perhaps you are a cunning script scout (no judgment, we’re all proud nerds here). Our skilled DevOps Rangers at siticom are masters of automating Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD). Your quest: Craft and deploy software packages for testing and production environments as though you were distributing legendary loot and work closely with the development and operations teams of our clients to forge the ultimate solutions. Your arsenal against manual processes includes mighty automated infrastructures with Terraform and Ansible. Moreover, you will continuously explore, test and evaluate new tools and methods in the DevOps ecosystem – ready to vanquish any end boss! Embracing new technologies and processes might feel like embarking on an epic quest. But just as with mastering a new programming language (are Bash scripts considered a language?), the initial uncertainty fades once you take the first bold step. And who knows, you might just become the Indiana Jones of the DevOps realm! Picture this: You're the guardian of the networks, overseeing the rapid flow of bits and bytes. A shining armor of firewalls adorns your shoulders, a toolbelt brimming with automation scripts in your grasp, a hat woven from Linux commands sits atop your head... okay, perhaps that’s a tad exaggerated, but you catch our drift! A career with us is more than just a job; it’s an opportunity to leave the monotonous office life behind and transform your technical dreams into reality! At siticom, you ignite the networks and sculpt data packets into true masterpieces! You are the rhythmic heartbeat in the background of our infrastructure – not only keeping the system operational but also ensuring that we remain on the track to success. Unwanted data intrusions? A deft click, and they’re relics of the past! We understand that such skills deserve the right stage. So, if you think in protocols, have a flair for all things networking, and are eager to demonstrate your DevOps prowess, then you are the hero we seek! Ranger gear is not required (although we totally support it if that’s your style!). Venture with us into the adventure in the technology jungle! We are on the hunt for a courageous explorer with experience in the wild domains of deployment and orchestration technologies like Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, Salt, Ansible, and GIT. Your backpack should also be well-stocked with experiences in managing RESTful web services, APIs, and the art of API manipulation. Effortlessly navigating through the Linux savannas in network environments is a crucial skill. And don’t forget your map of virtualization solutions – it will be your guide on this grand voyage. Are you ready for the ultimate adventure in the technology jungle? Don’t let this chance slip away. Make bold decisions. Heed our call. Embrace the DevOps Ranger within! Transform not just your dreams into scripts, but your scripts into reality. And let this reality unfold with us. We eagerly await your response! Pack your backpack, gear up, and… let the adventure begin!

  • 5G Mobile Connectivity in Europe's Tunneling Projects

    A Challenge for Communication Technology IIn Europe, we're witnessing a steady increase in tunnel construction projects. These complex underground projects pose special challenges to communication and safety, especially for emergency services, for whom reliable Mission Critical Communication (MCC) is essential. Flexibility to adapt to changing conditions and independence from public communication infrastructure are crucial for this purpose. 5G connectivity enables local services such as communication without an internet connection and also offers benefits such as lower susceptibility to errors and cost efficiency. Use cases range from IoT device tracking to locate personnel in real-time, to image recognition services, and the use of drones for analysis and exploration. siticom tests in the Stuttgart 21 tunnels: Insights into practice To demonstrate the effectiveness of this technology, we visited one of the largest tunnel construction projects in Europe: S21. The challenge is to enable seamless communication in an environment where conventional methods can hardly meet the specific requirements. On-site, we set up our mobile 5G system, which is characterized by its fast and flexible setup. Our initial tests included voice communication and data transmission, which worked excellently despite the challenging environment. A highlight was a live demonstration in which we made VoIP calls and transmitted live videos from various tunnel sections. The feedback from engineers and emergency responders was overwhelmingly positive. They highlighted the improved communication quality and reliability, which are crucial for the safety and efficiency of such large projects. Special challenge underground Conventional tunnel radio systems are set up using so-called Leaky Feeders, which act as antennas, depending on the frequency range used. In the frequency range of 3.7 to 3.8 GHz (N78 Band), which is used in Germany for private 5G networks, directional antennas as an alternative, offering significant advantages in terms of installation and maintenance effort, especially during the construction phase. Unlike open areas, radio wave propagation in tunnels is heavily determined by Non Line of Sight (NLOS) conditions with a high proportion of reflections and multipath propagation. In addition to the frequency range and the characteristics of the chosen transmitter and receiver antennas, the topology of the route, the geometry of the tunnel cross-section, and even the surface condition of the tunnel walls also influence the range of the signal. This makes a theoretical estimation of the expected signal quality at various positions within the tunnel extremely difficult, and therefore real measurements are essential. The diagram shows the calculated values for the Reference Signal Received Power (RSRP) based on a simple fading model and the post-processed measurements depending on the distance from the transmitting antenna. Conclusion: A promising path into the future The combination of field tests and customer feedback confirms that our 5G technology can revolutionize communication and monitoring in tunnel construction projects. The technology not only offers improved safety and efficiency but also opens up new possibilities in the construction industry and beyond. siticom is committed to advancing these innovations to meet the specific requirements of these challenging projects. Our expertise in Private 5G complements our long-standing experience in infrastructure projects, offering a holistic approach from the Smart Infrastructure Use-Case through construction planning to the operation of carrier-grade enterprise networks. More reading about our Stuttgart 21 Projects

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  • 5G, Cloud, SDN & Broadband | SITICOM

    PRIVATE 5G NETWORKS 5G: USECASE-DRIVEN. Private 5G networks enable enterprises to modernize business processes and improve how services are delivered or products are made and distributed across nearly every sector, including agriculture, automotive, education, healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, and transportation. VIEW SERVICES WE THINK, PLAN, DEVELOP, ENGINEER AND REALISE THE NETWORKS OF TOMORROW. TODAY. siticom is a technology innovation company founded in 2010 with a focus on the digital transformation of infrastructure and networks of tomorrow. siticom's portfolio is geared towards the complex technological challenges of the future. ​ The solutions and services range from technical and strategic advice to engineering services for planning and realizing network infrastructures in communication networks and corporate networks. Thanks to a highly innovative, flexible grid of system partners, siticom is able to implement high-quality solutions at short notice. ​ The combination of consulting, design and architecture bundled with the assumption of system and imple-mentation responsibility as well as test-automation distinguishes siticom as an independent system integrator. ​ Stefan Höltken & Jürgen Hatzipantelis Managing Directors WE'VE GOT YOU COVERED. OUR CORE- SERVICES. 5G NETWORKS 5G, optical networks, IoT or connections to the cloud. From architecture to operation from a single source. 5G SERVICES CLOUD NATIVE TRANSFORMATION Public, private and hybrid cloud solutions. From consulting to connection, migration and operation. CLOUD SERVICES OPTICAL NETWORKS Campus Network design, migration, testing, and implementation. The entire lifecycle for your enterprise network. OPTICAL NETWORKS NETWORK OPERATION & MONITORING Services related to cloud, network and test infrastructure: We ensure the smooth operation of your services 24/7/365. MANAGED SERVICES TEST AUTOMATION & FRAMEWORKS Testing-as-a-Service, automation, frameworks, and operation for your complex infrastructure. TESTING SERVICES SMART INFRASTRUCTURE Broadband, energy and transportation. We offer advice, plan, execute, measure and document your projects. INFRA SERVICES JOIN OUR TEAM SHINE BRIGHT WITH US Whatever your background or expertise in IT, if you want to challenge conventional thinking and build solutions that matter, we should speak. ​ At siticom we're proud to became a leader in innovative network-solutions - working with us means confronting challanges with innovation, dedication and passion. ​ But we're determined to keep our strong company vibe - friendly, personal, warm and welcoming. You'll never be just an employee. Join us! OPEN POSITIONS INSIGHTS SELECTED PROJECTS FROM OUR PORTFOLIO NETWORK PLANNING FOR GREEN ENERGY SMART INFRASTRUCTURE LEARN MORE VIEW ALL INSIGHTS IN THE HUB TECH, TECH, TECH STUFF WE LOVE. EXCEEDING CLIENTS' AND COLLEAGUES' EXPECTATIONS MEANS CONSTANTLY CHALLENGING YOURSELF AND THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU. ​ That is the value that drives the pace of our self-development. And the technologies we use are no different. We want you to have full power over your career and are happy if you master technologies we utilise. Or learn new tech with our team. Or bring your own. LEARN MORE THE ENSEMBLE FOR YOUR SUCCESS GET TO KNOW OUR PARTNERS ALL PARTNERSHIPS

  • Cloud Native Transformation | siticom

    CLOUDIFICATION SERVICE CLOUD NATIVE TRANSFORMATION Journey into the next era of business with our specialized cloud services. Experience unparalleled network monitoring, fused with the epitome of security, ensuring your operations remain unyielding and efficient. OUR CLOUD SERVICES CLOUD PHILOSOPHY FOR YOUR BUSINESS STRATEGY ELEVATE YOUR BUSINESS WITH CLOUD SOLUTIONS Homepage Link It's not just about technology; it's about crafting business solutions. We're with you through the entire lifecycle of your project, ensuring consistent value delivery. Our dynamic squads synergize with your experts, promoting knowledge exchange and collaborative growth. At the heart of our operations is one mantra: Enablement. We're not just providing a service; we're empowering your business for the challenges of tomorrow. SERVICES CRAFTED FOR YOUR CLOUD NEEDS CLOUD TRANSFORMATION BENEFITS ADAPTIVE INFRASTRUCTURE Cloud migration offers scalable, adaptive infrastructure for business agility. This means you can quickly adjust to market demands, providing a competitive edge and operational efficiency. ACCELERATED DELIVERY Built-in tools for automation and self-service in cloud technologies speed up service delivery. Users can manage tasks themselves, streamlining operations and reducing time and costs. COST-EFFECTIVE NETWORK SCALING Migrating to the cloud reduces the need for physical network devices while offering increased bandwidth. This allows for business expansion without a proportional rise in costs. PROACTIVE OPERATIONS End-to-end automation in the cloud enables proactive operations. Advanced monitoring tools can identify issues before they escalate, reducing downtime and improving service quality. ENHANCED SECURITY Cloud platforms offer robust, centralized security controls. Policy-based measures can be automatically enforced, reducing the risk of human error and enhancing overall security. STREAMLINED MIGRATION Virtualized connectivity and unified management simplify the migration process. A single dashboard for various services and resources makes administration and cost tracking easier. ALWAYS AT YOUR SIDE OF THE TABLE HOW WE DO IT REQUIREMENT ENGINEERING ​ By blueprinting your need we capture the essence of your cloud aspirations. Through Impact Mapping, we align your infrastructure with business processes, ensuring synergy and efficiency. ​ SEAMLESS CLOUD TRANSITION S ​ ​ Simplify your move to the cloud. From crafting bespoke landing pages to setting up intricate cloud accounts and enabling self-service capabilities, we've got it all covered. Plus, with our Governance Strategies, rest assured, only the right people have access to the right information. ​ REDIFINING APPLICATION DYNAMICS ​ Bring your applications into the cloud era. Whether it's enhancing their capabilities or ensuring compatibility across diverse cloud platforms, we ensure a seamless transition and operation. ​ AGILE AND INFRASTRUCTURE AS CODE IS IN OUR CORE – AIMING FOR HIGHEST DEGREE OF AUTOMATION AND SCALABILITY Services WHERE WE ARE AT HOME THE TOOLS OF THE TRADE HYBRID CLOUD OR PRIVATE CLOUD With proficiency across cloud titans such as Azure, AWS, VMware, and OpenStack, we've got the breadth and depth to cater to any cloud need, turning challenges into success stories. We wield cutting-edge tools like GitLab, Ansible, Terraform, and Kubernetes as the foundation of our cloud ventures. Ansible's finesse and Terraform's mastery breathe life into the concept of Infrastructure as Code. Always ensuring that quality and innovation remain at the forefront of our endeavors. As proponents of the concept of Infrastructure as Code, we don't just adhere to it; we champion it. With our commitment to innovation, we lead in technological evolution, composing code and orchestrating resources with precision. THE ENSEMBLE FOR YOUR SUCCESS GET TO KNOW OUR PARTNERS Learn more about our partners REFERENCE PROJECTS FROM OUR BLOG CLOUDIFICATION BLOG ARTICLES No posts published in this language yet Once posts are published, you’ll see them here. IT'S TIME, WE FINALLY GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER. SIMPLY WANT TO KNOW MORE?​ ​ You would like to learn more about our portfolio in the area of Private 5G Networks ? Do you have a specific challenge for which you are looking for support? Get to know us without any obligation in a 30 minute session and feel free to tell us about it! OLIVER PREIßLER DIRECTOR SALES & MARKETING Make an appointment Contact on LinkedIn LET'S GET IN TOUCH Kontakt

  • Add data to IOTA | siticom

    The actual version of the web interface doesn't store any submitted data from the form the data is directly sent to the IOTA Tangle IOTA stores the submitted data only temporarily for a limited amount of time within the public tangle Don't submit any private or secure data. For this sample case the data is not encrypted stored in the tangle. IOTA is a public, permissionless distributed ledger technology free available for everyone.

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