Ben Sellwood

An initial assessment

It has been almost exactly a year since we introduced the JobRad at siticom. Precisely because the winter months are not the classic high season for cyclists, the acceptance can really be low:

23 colleagues have since got on their (service) bikes; that means rolling over two new JobWheels per month since the program was launched.

In addition to the enormous variety - we are talking about over 5,000 specialist retail and online partners and an almost endless variety of brands - our team is particularly impressed by the absolutely uncomplicated processing.

Our Munich colleague Volker writes to us, “I would like to give you feedback that the JobRad campaign is spectacularly well organized and that it is happening very quickly. I could already pick up the bike from the dealer today. That is probably a great example of what is possible with successful process digitization. "

Screenshot 2020-12-28 100357.png

After the first year in the JobRad program, classic cyclists and assisted drivers compete head-to-head.

I can only agree. For me, it only took three days from strolling at the Darmstadt dealer (with the friendly support of my colleague Flo, who, unlike me, has a clue of the subject) to the test drive with my new Diamant 247 2019 (I love it!) .

Colleagues from all locations tell us similar things, regardless of whether they have decided to buy from a specialist retailer or from an online store.

We are very pleased that the program has received such a positive response and are already waiting for the next applications. As soon as the sun has prevailed a little more, nothing stands in the way of cycling.

... it occurs to me that I still owe a colleague a tour of Frankenstein Castle together. Looks like I'll have to improve my fitness a little over the next few weeks, because, unlike his, my JobRad does not have a battery. ;-)

Image by Cytonn Photography


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